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The Walking Dead: Season 5 Episode 5 – Self-Help

November 13, 2014

Splitting the group up for extended periods was our least favourite thing in Season 4 so it’s annoying that we’re doing that again.

But for the second of three such episodes, at least they’re concentrating on Abraham, who might be our favourite character at the moment.

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The Walking Dead: Season 5 Episode 4 – Slabtown

November 4, 2014

Slabtown, in which the long-awaited answer to the question of Beth’s whereabouts turns out to be…really bloody disappointing. Good thing we’ll never have to come back to this…CAROL! FFS!! WE THOUGHT YOU WERE COOL!

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The Walking Dead: Season 5 Episode 3 – Four Walls and a Roof

October 28, 2014

Once I ran to you (I ran)
Now you’ll Bar-Be-Que
This tainted meat you’ve taken
You didn’t know that I’d been bitten
Take my tears and that’s not nearly all
Tainted meat
Tainted meat

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The Walking Dead: Season 5 Episode 2 – Strangers

October 23, 2014

After the almost unbearable tension of last week we get a slower, more character-driven episode which still manages to keep the action level, stakes and mystery high. Best of all there is absolutely no sign of any cannibals. Phew, what a relief!

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The Walking Dead: Season 5 Episode 1 – No Sanctuary

October 16, 2014

The Thwipping Boys discuss the tense-as-all-fuck season five opener…and have a lengthy discussion about how confusing the Negan / Not Negan thing has been.

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This CANNOT be the guy from the flashback as Kirkman says. Plus why hide him in shadow? Why even have that scene?

Jon’s Best of 2011 Awards – Television

January 6, 2012

I wasn’t going to do one of these myself, but having read and enjoyed Simon’s awards pieces, I felt the jealousy rising in me like a 9 year-old with siblings on Christmas Day. How dare he take all the glory!?

With this in mind I will give my own awards for the categories Simon used, starting with Television. I will admit that I have watched far less TV this year than I usually do, and I’m yet to watch an episode of Breaking Bad (I know, shocking) but I suspect my awards might have turned out pretty similarly to Simon’s if I had. Anyway, let’s do this!

Best TV Actor

Jon Bernthal – Shane Walsh, The Walking Dead

Jon Bernthal - Shane Walsh, The Walking DeadI literally only just started reading The Walking Dead after receiving the Compendium for Christmas (I just finished the chapter where Michonne —- off The Governer’s —- and — with – —– and scoops — — — — – spoon). And much as I am enjoying it, I think every single change the TV show has made has been for the better. Prime among those is Shane living on, and I’ve found that although I was coming for the zombies, I was staying for the Jon Bernthal. I’d never heard of him before, but have since discovered he’s an actor of astounding versatility, though he’s at his best playing wound up, intense and dangerous.

Most Shocking TV moment

Prime Minister Pig F*cker – Black Mirror

Once upon a time when I was a videogames journalist, I especially looked up to a particular peer of mine (though we never met). He wrote for PC Zone magazine, and had such a twisted sense of humour that he once caused the mag to be removed from the shelves of most of the UK’s newsagents.

That was Charlier Brooker, who has gone on to be involved with all sorts of brilliant stuff from Dead Set (Big Brother contestants unaware of a zombie apocalypse raging outside) to his collaboration with Chris Morris on the vastly underrated comedy Nathan Barley.

Anthology show Black Mirror’s first episode “National Anthem” was pure Brooker, and was the weirdest, funniest (yet simultaneously most upsetting) hour of TV I saw in 2011. I almost didn’t include it as a “shock”, because you’ve resigned yourself to the fact that it’s going to happen at least ten minutes before it does, but it doesn’t take away from the impact at all.

There was quite a lot of criticism that the scenario in this episode was unrealistic. I don’t see how this is justified – as unlikely as it may be, there’s nothing in the episode that is unfeasible.

For more on Black Mirror, we discussed the first two episodes in eps 13 and 14 of our podcast.

Best Show

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead came in for a LOT of criticism this year, and I suspect a lot of that has more to do with the behind the scenes kerfuffle than what actually happened on the show. Hell, we’re certainly not innocent, we laid into AMC execs in our Halloween Special for the same reasons. I think I said they were “twats”…

But where others saw “too slow” I saw almost unbearable tension building and where others saw “too much talking and not enough shooting zombies” I saw fascinating character development and relationship dynamics between interesting characters played by brilliant actors.

The last five minutes of the season retroactively improved everything that had come before it, as everything the writers had set up dropped into place for a gut-wrenching finale in which Rick stepped forward and proved that despite Shane’s protests, he’s definitely THE man in this group. Amazing stuff.