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Grant Morrison’s Multiversity – Society of Superheroes & The Just

November 3, 2014

A little while back we discussed the first issue of Grant Morrison’s insane DC Universe dream project Multiversity and now we’re back to discuss The second and third chapters in this epic saga.

It’s already messing with Jon’s head, as he seems to make the same “joke” about the comic being haunted in both reviews…cue spooky music.

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A mad bastard’s adventures across the multiverse

August 24, 2014

Podcast – Doctor Who: Deep Breath and Grant Morrison’s Multiversity #1

He’s walked with giants, gods, 5th dimensional beings and aliens from every corner of time and space. He’s fought and conquered evil from the darkest reaches of the universe and the deepest recesses of his own soul. He’s an insane old bastard who delights in taking you on crazy adventures you never believed you could experience. And now, finally, his long-awaited DC Comics project The Multiversity is here.

Plus, we review the new Doctor Who!

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