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Death of the Family

June 14, 2014

Podcast: Batman #13 – 17 by Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo and a whole bunch of other fine folk.

Death of the Family Jokerface

Because we only cover the most recent events in comics, we decided to return to the New 52 and take a look at Death of the Family.

What we have here is a fine example of how one carries a podcast when 50% of your presenting team seems to have nothing to say. To be fair, Jon does admit this pretty early on but his struggle to get through this is both obvious and pretty funny.

It shouldn’t be a struggle for you though dear listeners, because of Simon’s herculean efforts – he’s like the Shawn Michaels of podcasting, carrying a useless lump to something much greater than he deserves to be involved in.

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Ep. 35 – Bubastiality

May 15, 2012

Warning! We start off this week by discussing the sixth episode of Game of Thrones Season 2, “The Old Gods and The New”!

This week’s comic books discussion covers topics as diverse as the origin of King Arthur and whether Adrian Veidt is f*cking that weird cat thing of his.

We also have some fun with Rob Liefeld’s first issue of Deathstroke, catch up with those Demon Knights, come close to an argument while discussing Rupert Giles and have quite a long chat about the awesomeness that is the Rock of Ages arc from Grant Morrison’s JLA.

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Episode 35 Comics Reviews

Show Notes for Ep. 35 – Bubastiality
00:00 – We start off with a discussion about Free Comic Book Week and some of the revelations therein before chatting about Game of Thrones S2E06.
16:52 – A couple of us weren’t too keen on SUICIDE SQUAD #9.
22:24 – But it wasn’t half as bad as DEATHSTROKE #9…oh dear.
28:42 – Looks like we had a handover issue with ULTIMATES #10 and it has left us tentatively optimistic for the future of this comic book.
37:28 – It’s one of the most consistently brilliant books around so the quality of DEMON KNIGHTS  #9 should come as no surprise.
48:02 – BATMAN #9 brings us back to our theories about Alfred masterminding the Court of Owls (we called it first yo). Thankfully it seems like we’ll know one way or the other next month!
57:11 – We also disagreed on the quality of BATMAN AND ROBIN #9.
63:03 – Larold Hama wrote this week’s classic issue of BATMAN #578.
75:42 – It’s WATCHMEN CHAPTER X and the story is hurtling towards its dramatic conclusion. Chris has no idea what’s coming – this is going to mess with his mind!
86:36 – We read the awesome Darkseid storyline Rock of Ages from Grant Morrison’s legendary JLA run.

Ep. 34 – Too Few Drugs

May 7, 2012

This week we kick off with a rant about the Machiavellian, headline-grabbing antics of Mark Millar, a man whose lack of shame seems to know no bounds. Did you know he WROTE THE PLOT for the Avengers movie? Us neither.

Then after catching up with the Game of Thrones chat it’s onto the week’s comic books, including a different type of Justice League Dark in Action Comics; more contrived, out-of-character punching in Avengers Vs. X-Men; and disappointing issues of Stormwatch and Swamp Thing.

We also continue to enjoy Ultimate Spider-Man and Animal Man, check out another classic Batman title, read Watchmen’s depressing ninth chapter and check out two completely new comics – Dial H by China Mieville and James Robinson’s Earth 2.

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Ep 34 Comics Reviews

Show Notes for Ep. 34 – Too Few Drugs
00:00 – We voice our displeasure at Mark Millar’s manipulative douchebaggery and catch up with Game of Thrones.
14:15 – After our hard fought match against the Grant Morrison comic book last month we give it another round with ACTION COMICS #9.
22:16 – AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #3 doesn’t show any signs that this is improving.
30:15 – We enjoyed DIAL H #1 but we are hoping for more from it.
34:00 – Chris was so annoyed by EARTH 2 #1 that he didn’t even finish it and therefore kinda missed the point.
39:16 – BATMAN #566 from June 1999 is the next to get the flashback treatment in our 24 year retrospective.
57:55 – Peter Milligan doesn’t get off to the greatest start with STORMWATCH #9.
63:29 – After a masterful build up for the first half dozen issues, SWAMP THING #9 continues its trend of fizzling out.
66:09 – David Marquez continues to knock our socks clean off with ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #10.
74:13 – WATCHMEN CHAPTER 9 sees us questioning the point of life.
81:03 – Jeff Lemire and Steve Pugh continue to impress with ANIMAL MAN #9.

Ep. 32 – Batman and Rubbin

April 21, 2012

After the shambles that was last week’s listless show we find our mojo again (and some crack!) and compare and contrast the beginnings of the Avengers Vs. X-Men and Night of the Owls events with AvX #2, Batman #8 and in a surprise reappearance, Nightwing #8. In doing so we hit upon exactly what Marvel needs to do with Cyclops after this is all said and done.

We check out the week’s ongoing sci-fi awesomeness and insanity from Image Comics with Prophet and Manhatten Projects.

Simon reads another classic Batman comic and we cover the sad eighth chapter of Watchmen. Finally we enjoy Diana fighting demons and – along with the Justice League of America – angels in Wonder Woman #8 and the American Dreams arc of Grant Morrison’s JLA respectively.

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Episode 32 Comics

Show notes for Ep. 32 – Batman and Rubbin:
00:00 – We talk some C2E2 news and catch up with GAME OF THRONES. 
12:16 –
 AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #2 shows that even at this early stage, this event has become a clusterfuck.
24:21 – We go on a slight tangent about the charming town of Bracknell despite the awesomeness of WONDER WOMAN #8.
31:30 – It’s all change in PROPHET #4 – but does this make it any less incredible/weird?
41:53 – Faceless attacks in BATMAN #543 from June 1997!
58:07 – It’s not kicking our asses yet but MANHATTEN PROJECTS #2 is exceptionally well-written and illustrated.
65:25 – BATMAN #8 is probably the first time this comic has had anything other that unreserved praise on the show. But still…
75:25 – We picked up NIGHTWING #8 to see some owl action and find out if it’s improved since we dropped it at issue 3.
81:15 – WATCHMEN CHAPTER 8 ends on a really sad note as yet another owl gets in the fight of his life.
94:58 – Superman and his lieutenants take on the cherubim hordes of Heaven in the AMERICAN DREAMS arc of Grant Morrison’s JLA.

Ep. 30 – Thwipping Boys Vs. Action Comics!

April 7, 2012

AvX InfiniteThis week we randomly decided to take a look at something that wasn’t in the plan. As well as checking out Avengers Vs. X-Men #1, we saw that Mark Waid and Stuart Immonen promised that something called Avengers Vs. X-Men: Infinite was the future of digital comics. As digital devotees, well we had to check that out didn’t we?

Question: How can you be the future of a category you don’t even qualify for?

Also in this week’s packed show, we finally get around to something we’ve been threatening since Episode 1 – Grant Morrison’s JLA! We check out Game of Thrones Season 2, Ultimate Spider-Man, the next chapter of Watchmen, another classic Batman story and the best of the week’s DCnU titles.

And of course we get in the ring with Grant Morrison’s Action Comics. This is the first week it has become eligible for The Drop. Can we land our patented finisher?

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Episode 30 Comics

Show Notes for Ep. 30 – Thwipping Boys Vs. Action Comics
10:39 – There were some twists and turns in the pages of STORMWATCH #8!
18:46 – We check out the start of the year’s big event with AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #1 and follow it up by looking at AVENGERS VS. X-MEN: INFINITE #1.
31:01 – BATMAN #519 from June 1995 was the subject of this week’s 24 year retrospective.
45:50 – We gazed at WATCHMEN CHAPTER 6 and hoped it wasn’t gazing back at us.
54:59 – ANIMAL MAN #8 was brilliant and horrible. As usual.
61:31 – Can SWAMP THING #8 match up to the brilliance of last month?
67:21 – We owe an apology to the guy who provided the stunning art in ULTIMATE-SPIDER MAN #9 – that idiot Jon thought it was Pichelli! David Marquez we are sorry – also: you are awesome.
73:02 – We check out NEW WORLD ORDER, the first arc of Grant Morrison’s JLA. Chris has had this in his pile for months, but the podcast got in the way…now there’s no excuse!
98:23 – It’s the main event! Thwipping Boys Vs. Action Comics as we take on ACTION COMICS #8.

Ep.28 – Letting Go

March 24, 2012

This week we cover Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet, Doktor Mandrake, Fishing Spider-Man AND The Adventures of Big Face. What more could you want?

Batman #7 shows that Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder are just taking the piss now.

Plus, there’s droppage this week. It’s positively droppy, in fact.

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Show Notes for Ep.28 –
07:07 – In WATCHMEN CHAPTER 4 Simon references Doktor Mandrake from Spaced to make a point about Dr. Manhatten.
12:42 – MANHATTEN PROJECTS #1 was what we have come to expect from Jonathan Hickman, which suits us just fine.
18:13 – Having followed Buffy like a religion from Season 1, the Thwipping Boys reaction to BUFFY SEASON 9 #7 is a bit of a shocker.
23:44 – We keep expecting the series to fall but SUPERGIRL #7 shows that hasn’t happened yet.
31:40 – WONDER WOMAN #7 leads us onto a story about Fishing Spider-Man, and the funniest article any of us have ever read courtesy of
40:24 – Chris finds the sad story in GREEN LANTERN CORPS #7 quite funny.
44:34 – PROPHET #23 proves that this series is one of the best we’re reading.
53:57 – We are ready for this excellent series to give us its secrets after IDENTITY CRISIS #6.
63:01 – The two jokers behind BATMAN #7 are just taking things way too far now.

Ep. 26 – Trashcan Edition

March 9, 2012

This week sees the return of the Underground Comics Challenge as we take a look at Zombie Outlaw, while we continue our read-throughs of the classics Watchmen and Identity Crisis.

Grant Morrison seems to have pissed off Chris something chronic with the quality of Action Comics. Our favourite comics writer has one issue left to please us, or we’re off! We also check out Stormwatch, Swamp Thing and Animal Man from the DCnU titles and catch up with Ultimate Spidey.

By the way, if you’re a new listener and you don’t understand our references to Pripyat, check out our Halloween Special.

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Episode 26 Reviews

Show Notes for Ep. 26 – Trashcan Edition
07:45 – We thought STORMWATCH #7 was the weakest issue to date – we’re just itching for Peter Milligan to get started.
14:24 – Chris has a rant about the “utter shit” ACTION COMICS #7.
23:40 – ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #8 was cool but we’re desperately waiting for this to kick-off.
30:05 – Was Firestorm’s death in IDENTITY CRISIS #5 supposed to be funny? Well it most certainly was.
40:16 – Simon’s Batman retrospective covers 1993’s BATMAN #495.
48:36 – Our Underground Comics Challenge returns as we take a look at ZOMBIE OUTLAW.
64:40 – ANIMAL MAN #7 proves that while we will miss Travel Foreman, this book is not in trouble with Steve Pugh on art.
71:59 – Masterful, that’s the only way we can describe SWAMP THING #7.
81:47 – Oh Hello! It’s WATCHMEN CHAPTER 3 and we talk penis.

Ep. 23 – Shut Up, Stupid!

February 18, 2012

We chat about the latest batch of DC #6 comics, wonder why we’re continuing to read Doctor Who and continue our journey through Identity Crisis.

Jon also puts the guys on the spot and asks them to take up the Paul Cornell Doctor Who challenge.

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Episode 23 Reviews

Show Notes for Ep. 23 – Shut Up Stupid!
07:16 – Green Lantern Corps #6
17:47 – Dr Who #14
22:26 – Identity Crisis Part #2
32:50 – Batman #6
41:01 – Supergirl #6
49:45 – Wonder Woman #6

Ep. 21 – Chas and Dave

February 4, 2012

This episode is hampered by chesticular sickness, and was made possible by a hot toddy.

To make a hot toddy in the traditional Thwipping Boys way:

– Squeeze the juices from two lemons. Put aside.
– Grab cafetiere (or alternative infusing method), realise as usual that you forgot to wash it after your last coffee. Wash.
– Place a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and a small handful of cloves into the cafetiere.
– Place in required amount of boiling water (get a grown up for that bit) for whatever mug you are using.
– Place 1-2 teaspoons of Manuka Honey (minimum 10+ activity rating) into the mug.
– After 5 minutes or so, pour the hot water from the cafetiere into the mug. Stir until you are certain the honey has melted.
– Add the lemon juice.
– Add 1-2 shots of whiskey, to taste.
– Stir, and sip while it’s still warm. 

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Show Notes for Ep. 21 – Chas and Dave
21:13 – One of us thought ACTION COMICS #6 was Grant Morrison finally kicking into gear.  The others were not convinced.
32:15 – Another Image #1? Yes please.  But can ALPHA GIRL #1 compare to the brilliance of Prophet #21?
37:10 – STORMWATCH #6 was a strong farewell from Paul Cornell which left us wanting more.
45:50 – BATMAN #434 featured an inept Jim Gordon, for some reason.
55:00 – We got something a little bit different with ANIMAL MAN #6.
62:50 – While Animal Man was a bit of a lighter diversion, SWAMP THING #6 threw us deep into the nasty muck headfirst.

Digital Disorientation in Batman #5

January 21, 2012

Batman #5There’s been a lot spoken about the way Batman #5 played with the comics form, but before I really get into this I will state that even if the panel layout had been completely conventional, this was the best single issue of a comic I’ve read in my life. If you’re not reading this amazing Batman run from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, I don’t have any way to express how sorry I feel for you. Sort it out!

As you will know if you follow our podcast, we’re steadfast converts to digital in terms of single issues – which in my particular case is quite fortuitous since there’s no comic shops around here. So I was quite perturbed when I read the following tweet from iFanboy’s Josh Flanagan:


And he’s not the only one who thought so.

This thread on the DC boards says that the digital comic has “Unacceptable Orientation Problems”.

This one seems to indicate ComiXology has actually been refunding people.

And there are many similar sentiments to be found all over the place.

Well I would like to say: Au contraire, Internet! You are wrong on this one.

When I first read that tweet, I messaged Snyder and Capullo saying that I don’t know what all this was about yet but that I hoped they hadn’t forgotten that for many, visiting a comic shop isn’t actually an option. Capullo immediately replied:


Cut to my experience reading it, and as you turned the tablet around, the swipe controls for Guided View would become confused and you’d find yourself swiping the wrong way a few times, causing immersion, confusion and disorientation at the moments when Bruce was feeling most lost.

I found myself thinking “Woah, hang on. I’m lost. Have I gone back on myself? What’s going on? Where was I? Where am I? I’m going round in circles, damn you, tormentors!” just like Batman was, with Snyder and Capullo playing the part of the Court of Owls themselves.

Indeed, the stuff the guys did with the way it reads digitially is far more impressive than “turning the comic around while you read it” which has been done before and when you think about it, isn’t really that impressive.

I then had a thought. Pity the poor desktop readers! They can’t turn their monitors around. They’d actually have to read it upside down. Suckers! But while recording our podcast the other night, I tried it and realised that not only are comics just as easy to read sideways or upside down as they are right way round, but that this was another spin on providing the disorientation that was different to tablet but still superior to the paper experience.

If anything, this shows the limitations of the paper form, rather than making a case for it. Contrary to what I have read everywhere else, I believe the guys were actually making a stronger case for digital and that tablet specifically was the superior way to read the book. There’s no way that the tablet experience was just an unexpected side-effect of what they did on paper.

Batman crazy!

What’s really clever is that they accommodated every format. Whether you read on paper, tablet, smartphone or desktop, it disorientated in a different way.

If you think the whole thing was a gimmick that you didn’t need, that’s fair enough. But saying the disorientation added a layer to it only, or more effectively on paper is nonsense. The only possible criticism I have is that the rotation lock business should have been explained somehow at the front of the book itself. As an iPad user for 6 months, I didn’t even know I could do that, and if I wasn’t lucky enough to have one of the creators explain this I probably wouldn’t have been able to get the most out of it, or I would have had to come out of the story halfway through to fiddle with the settings.

I would assume Mr. Flanagan hadn’t read the digital version when he tweeted. Indeed, I haven’t read it on paper, but I’d suggest it’s far easier to imagine the paper experience without having done it, than the other way around.

I hope ComiXology doesn’t reorient the panels like some people are asking them to, or at least that users are given the option to do so without the update being forced on us. This might be the most perfect comic of all time just the way it is thanks very much. The idea that ComiXology might be issuing refunds for selling this masterpiece to people makes me sad.

To hear us talk about Batman #5 in more depth, check out Ep. 19 of our podcast.

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