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Ep. 35 – Bubastiality

May 15, 2012

Warning! We start off this week by discussing the sixth episode of Game of Thrones Season 2, “The Old Gods and The New”!

This week’s comic books discussion covers topics as diverse as the origin of King Arthur and whether Adrian Veidt is f*cking that weird cat thing of his.

We also have some fun with Rob Liefeld’s first issue of Deathstroke, catch up with those Demon Knights, come close to an argument while discussing Rupert Giles and have quite a long chat about the awesomeness that is the Rock of Ages arc from Grant Morrison’s JLA.

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Episode 35 Comics Reviews

Show Notes for Ep. 35 – Bubastiality
00:00 – We start off with a discussion about Free Comic Book Week and some of the revelations therein before chatting about Game of Thrones S2E06.
16:52 – A couple of us weren’t too keen on SUICIDE SQUAD #9.
22:24 – But it wasn’t half as bad as DEATHSTROKE #9…oh dear.
28:42 – Looks like we had a handover issue with ULTIMATES #10 and it has left us tentatively optimistic for the future of this comic book.
37:28 – It’s one of the most consistently brilliant books around so the quality of DEMON KNIGHTS  #9 should come as no surprise.
48:02 – BATMAN #9 brings us back to our theories about Alfred masterminding the Court of Owls (we called it first yo). Thankfully it seems like we’ll know one way or the other next month!
57:11 – We also disagreed on the quality of BATMAN AND ROBIN #9.
63:03 – Larold Hama wrote this week’s classic issue of BATMAN #578.
75:42 – It’s WATCHMEN CHAPTER X and the story is hurtling towards its dramatic conclusion. Chris has no idea what’s coming – this is going to mess with his mind!
86:36 – We read the awesome Darkseid storyline Rock of Ages from Grant Morrison’s legendary JLA run.


Ep. 31 – Compensation

April 15, 2012

This week something happened in Demon Knights which we predicted way back in September after reading #1!

We also take a look at two new creator-owned books in the form of Jonathan Hickman’s Secret and America’s Got Powers by Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch. We continue to enjoy Watchmen and JLA, say good-bye to Kyle Higgins on Deathstroke and enjoy some fine sci-fi with Paul Cornell’s Saucer Country and BKV’s Saga.

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ep 31 comics


01:00 – THE SHADE #7
26:10 – SUICIDE SQUAD #8
31:20 – SECRET#1
40:11 – BATMAN & BATMAN #8
47:04 – BATMAN #531 – June 1996
59:45 – DEATHSTROKE #8
62:32 – DEMON KNIGHTS #8
69:00 – SAGA #1

Ep. 27 – Whining Little B-tch

March 17, 2012

There were so many comics out this week that we had to skip Identity Crisis and Watchmen, in order to check out a new Vertigo book by one of our faves Paul Cornell, as well as the return to comics of BKV with Saga, from Image.

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Episode 27 Comics

Show Notes for Ep. 27 – Whining Little B-tch
10:27 – Morgan turning into such a whining little bitch in BATMAN AND ROBIN #7 took some of the shine off this series.
15:29 – Grant turning into such a whining little bitch in DEATHSTROKE #7  took some of the shine off this series.
20:27 – SUICIDE SQUAD #7 was crazy, sexy and cool. As usual!
26:44 – RESURRECTION MAN #7 cements our opinion that this series needs to step up.
35:31 – The first arc comes to a spectacular end in DEMON KNIGHTS #7.
45:30 – SAUCER COUNTRY #1 gave us something a little different to anything else we’re reading.
62:22 – Every James Robinson comic we read makes us a bit smarter, and THE SHADE #6 is no exception.
65:13 – Due to poor communication Chris didn’t remember to buy GREEN LANTERN #7 but doesn’t seem to mind.
69:51 – SAGA #1 was funnier and more light-hearted than we were expecting.

Ep. 22 – Batman’s Fridge

February 11, 2012

This week we’re all healthy again and celebrate by picking up our DCnU books and as well as checking out the excellent Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil.

Simon continues his Batman restropective, and we delve into another DC classic by checking out Identity Crisis #1.

Plus! Jonny has a bit of a mishap!

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Episode 22 Reviews

Show Notes for Ep. 22 – Batman’s Fridge
10:50 – An absolute treat for horror and comedy fans alike with the little-known film TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL. Our spoiler-free review.
17:50 – After our reviews for Kingdom Come and Marvels went down so well we decided to read another classic and pipped for IDENTITY CRISIS!
36:10 – DEATHSTROKE #6 sidetracks us into a conversation about how much it sucks that we’ve come to like this character, since his time is nearly up.
44:28 – DEMON KNIGHTS #6 makes us ponder the question: What is a horse?
53:47 – We have to wonder when reading RESURRECTION MAN #6 why the doctors at Arkham allow the inmates to keep their costumes and other various accoutrements.
60:53 – We enjoyed GREEN LANTERN #6 but we’re only interested while Sinestro remains the main character.
69:50 – Simon continues his retrospective with June 1990’s BATMAN #449.
80:20 – BATMAN AND ROBIN #6 leaves us a bit disappointed about Batman’s terrible revelation. Turns out he once beat someone up.
94:37 – SUICIDE SQUAD #6 had us laughing from the first panel. We keep saying this but if any of you aren’t reading this yet you’re only depriving yourselves!

Ep. 21 – Chas and Dave

February 4, 2012

This episode is hampered by chesticular sickness, and was made possible by a hot toddy.

To make a hot toddy in the traditional Thwipping Boys way:

– Squeeze the juices from two lemons. Put aside.
– Grab cafetiere (or alternative infusing method), realise as usual that you forgot to wash it after your last coffee. Wash.
– Place a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and a small handful of cloves into the cafetiere.
– Place in required amount of boiling water (get a grown up for that bit) for whatever mug you are using.
– Place 1-2 teaspoons of Manuka Honey (minimum 10+ activity rating) into the mug.
– After 5 minutes or so, pour the hot water from the cafetiere into the mug. Stir until you are certain the honey has melted.
– Add the lemon juice.
– Add 1-2 shots of whiskey, to taste.
– Stir, and sip while it’s still warm. 

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Show Notes for Ep. 21 – Chas and Dave
21:13 – One of us thought ACTION COMICS #6 was Grant Morrison finally kicking into gear.  The others were not convinced.
32:15 – Another Image #1? Yes please.  But can ALPHA GIRL #1 compare to the brilliance of Prophet #21?
37:10 – STORMWATCH #6 was a strong farewell from Paul Cornell which left us wanting more.
45:50 – BATMAN #434 featured an inept Jim Gordon, for some reason.
55:00 – We got something a little bit different with ANIMAL MAN #6.
62:50 – While Animal Man was a bit of a lighter diversion, SWAMP THING #6 threw us deep into the nasty muck headfirst.

Ep. 18 – Hump the Bunk

January 13, 2012

It’s time for the 18th awesome episode of the Thwipping Boys podcast, discussing an especially strong showing from the DCnU. This week we have fire, death, Darwyn, destruction, betrayal most foul, and someone getting smacked with a submarine.

So grab a cuppa and relax as we review Batman and Robin #5, Deathstroke #5, Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #5, Demon Knights #5, Suicide Squad #5, Green Lantern #5, Resurrection Man #5 and The Shade #4 with that unique Thwipping Boys mixture of nonsense chat and erudite insight.

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Episode 18 Comics

Show notes for Episode 18: Hump the Bunk
09:58 – DEMON KNIGHTS has been a brilliant series so far, if you aren’t reading it WHY NOT?!
19:28 – Sinestrooooo! We think GREEN LANTERN is about the wrong character.
29:45 – FRANKENSTEIN is growing on us, but the art is still causing trouble.
41:21 – Darwyn Cooke was on THE SHADE! How did we not know this?
56:21 – I’m trying to summon up the enthusiasm for DEATHSTROKE but I just heard today that there’s an creative team change approaching and that make me a sad panda.
63:45 – Mitch Shelly was an utter shit?! Whowouldathunkit!?!?
71:17 – Tomasi and Gleason continue to provide us one of our favourite comics with BATMAN & ROBIN.
78:41 – The fact that The Rot is confusing us doesn’t stop SUICIDE SQUAD being its usual fucking-awesome self.

Ep. 17 – Timeslide!

January 8, 2012

We mix things up this week by jumping aboard the precursor to Avengers Vs. X-Men and picking up a book we had all previously agreed to drop. We discuss an initiative which has the potential to bring a lot of new readers into comics in the UK. Plus, we check out some DCnU #5s!

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Episode 17 Reviews

Show Notes for Ep. 17 – Timeslide!
14:14  –
About the most interesting thing we discovered about AVENGERS: X-SANCTION #1 was that it looked like it had been drawn by Beryl Cook.
30:46 – After dropping the book with issue 3 we decided we missed Slade Wilson, so we picked up DEATHSTROKE #4.
42:07 – The story is finally starting to come together with STORMWATCH #5.
58:36 – SWAMP THING #5 continues to be an excellent series, despite some uncharachteristically clunky dialogue.
70:53 – ANIMAL MAN #5 sees the first arc of Jeff Lemire’s run come to a spectacular end.
84:45 – After reading ACTION COMICS #5 we’re still not completely convinced of why we’re hanging around.

Ep. 14 – The Sacrifice of Steve Guttenberg

December 18, 2011

A mercifully shorter episode this week, as we continue to look at the DCnU books, as well as the second episode of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror, while Chris tells us about an awesome-sounding dream he had involving Spider-Woman, an alien invasion and one of the biggest movie stars of the 80s.

Also – shock of shocks! We drop a book!

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Episode 14 Reviews

Show Notes for Episode 14: The Sacrifice of Steve Guttenberg
01:00 – We don’t agree whether Episode 2 of BLACK MIRROR (“15 Million Merits”) was better than Episode 1, but we do agree that you must be watching this series.
09:10 – After reading BATMAN AND ROBIN #4 we have our theories on where the awesome series is heading.
18:00 – DEMON KNIGHTS #4 has us desperate to see just how badass Sir Ystin The Shining Knight is capable of being.
27:45 – FRANKENTEIN: AGENT OF S.H.A.D.E. #4 sees the end of the Monster Planet arc where they travel to the Monster Planet and fight a big gorram bunch of Monsters.
35:15 – We learn in GREEN LANTERN #4 that Geoff Johns doesn’t have balls of steel. And the book also reiterates that as good as he can be, he’s a damned inconsistent writer.
43:50 – RESURRECTION MAN #4 sees this series pretty much developing as we’ve predicted since the first issue, but we still kinda like it.
53:30 – Quite a few comics in the DC relaunch surprised us with the #1 issues, but SUICIDE SQUAD #4 shows that this series is the only one to have kept it up ever since.
60:00 – We were so psyched up for the Superboy / Teen Titans crossover when this whole shebang started, but how do we feel about it after SUPERBOY #4?

Ep. 13 – Hiccups!

December 13, 2011

Episode 13 sees The Thwipping Boys noticeably tired despite their week off, while Jon is drunk and slurring his words from the get-go. OK so that doesn’t sound like a thrilling call to action but whatever. Also sorry about the weird noise that pops up throughout this, we haven’t isolated it yet. Let’s say it’s a “feature”.

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Episode 13 Reviews

Show Notes for Episode 13: Hiccups!
01:35 – We meant to simply mention Charlie Brooker’s BLACK MIRROR and tell you to watch it, but we ended up reviewing it in depth and [almost] spoiling it.
09:40 – We review THE SHADE #1 to appease one of our listeners, and are glad we did!
21:22 – ACTION COMICS #4 sees us starting to sour on this series. Grant Morrison’s name alone has kept us on this so far, so we’re hoping it pays off at some point…soon.
39:45 – ANIMAL MAN #4 is so good it’s just ridiculous.
57:57 – We dropped the book after issue 3 but a veto from Chris bought OMAC #4 back into contention. Plus! We get sidetracked by the difference between US and UK sewer systems.
67:10 – STORMWATCH #4 still sees us confused by this series, and despite the team’s continuing insistence that they’re not just superheroes we’re not quite sure what separates them from the Justice League.
84:20 – While we review SWAMP THING #4 we discover a horrifying truth – Chris is not of the opinion that anything can be improved by simply adding dinosaurs.
102:10 – We desperately need a title for this feature about whether Chris thinks we should bring back classic characters to the DCnU or leave them buried forever. This week we discuss GLORIOUS GODFREY.
116:50 – Not even the hurricane raging outside can distract us from Chris’ take of the final chapter of the wonderful MARVELS.

Ep. 10 – Beyond Thunderdome

November 12, 2011

Episode 10 of the Thwipping Boys Comics & Entertainment Podcast sees the boys continue the knockout rules in order to whittle down their pull list of DC books, while Chris looks back at another classic, and Simon makes a doozy of an error in connection to the late great Will Eisner!

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Episode 10 Reviews

Show Notes For Episode 10: Beyond Thunderdome
02:30 – BATMAN & ROBIN #3 has us thinking this might even surpass Grant Morrison’s original run and Scott Snyder’s Batman title.
13:30 – The storyline in DEATHSTROKE #3 seems to consist of little more than one decapitation after another, and somehow this is way more entertaining than it sounds.
20:40 – DEMON KNIGHTS #3 continues to gather steam, as the forces of darkness close their grip on our ragtag band of Dark Ages characters.
26:25 – With FRANKENSTEIN #3 this series is starting to grow on us, but it pales next to Animal Man. Are we going to give Jeff Lemire another chance?
34:35 – GREEN LANTERN #3 continues to give us the impression that despite what we may have previously thought, Geoff Johns has certainly not done everything he can with these characters.
44:45 – GRIFTER #3 was forged in fire, but is it good enough to survive a roasting under our new knockout rules? Simon might know his DC but he proves he doesn’t know much about Will Eisner.
51:50 – RESURRECTION MAN #3 is continuing to impress, we love The Transhuman and even quite like The Body Doubles.
59:30 – SUICIDE SQUAD #3 causes us to go on a Google Image Search for pictures of Captain Boomerang, and we are not disappointed.
71:05 – Jonny needs some convincing after SUPERBOY #3 that the title deserves a place in our pile next time.
79:45 – We “cross the street” for the first time ever on the podcast and check out Marvel’s MARVELS. Marvelous.