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Ep. 32 – Batman and Rubbin

April 21, 2012

After the shambles that was last week’s listless show we find our mojo again (and some crack!) and compare and contrast the beginnings of the Avengers Vs. X-Men and Night of the Owls events with AvX #2, Batman #8 and in a surprise reappearance, Nightwing #8. In doing so we hit upon exactly what Marvel needs to do with Cyclops after this is all said and done.

We check out the week’s ongoing sci-fi awesomeness and insanity from Image Comics with Prophet and Manhatten Projects.

Simon reads another classic Batman comic and we cover the sad eighth chapter of Watchmen. Finally we enjoy Diana fighting demons and – along with the Justice League of America – angels in Wonder Woman #8 and the American Dreams arc of Grant Morrison’s JLA respectively.

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Episode 32 Comics

Show notes for Ep. 32 – Batman and Rubbin:
00:00 – We talk some C2E2 news and catch up with GAME OF THRONES. 
12:16 –
 AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #2 shows that even at this early stage, this event has become a clusterfuck.
24:21 – We go on a slight tangent about the charming town of Bracknell despite the awesomeness of WONDER WOMAN #8.
31:30 – It’s all change in PROPHET #4 – but does this make it any less incredible/weird?
41:53 – Faceless attacks in BATMAN #543 from June 1997!
58:07 – It’s not kicking our asses yet but MANHATTEN PROJECTS #2 is exceptionally well-written and illustrated.
65:25 – BATMAN #8 is probably the first time this comic has had anything other that unreserved praise on the show. But still…
75:25 – We picked up NIGHTWING #8 to see some owl action and find out if it’s improved since we dropped it at issue 3.
81:15 – WATCHMEN CHAPTER 8 ends on a really sad note as yet another owl gets in the fight of his life.
94:58 – Superman and his lieutenants take on the cherubim hordes of Heaven in the AMERICAN DREAMS arc of Grant Morrison’s JLA.


Ep. 31 – Compensation

April 15, 2012

This week something happened in Demon Knights which we predicted way back in September after reading #1!

We also take a look at two new creator-owned books in the form of Jonathan Hickman’s Secret and America’s Got Powers by Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch. We continue to enjoy Watchmen and JLA, say good-bye to Kyle Higgins on Deathstroke and enjoy some fine sci-fi with Paul Cornell’s Saucer Country and BKV’s Saga.

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ep 31 comics


01:00 – THE SHADE #7
26:10 – SUICIDE SQUAD #8
31:20 – SECRET#1
40:11 – BATMAN & BATMAN #8
47:04 – BATMAN #531 – June 1996
59:45 – DEATHSTROKE #8
62:32 – DEMON KNIGHTS #8
69:00 – SAGA #1

Ep.28 – Letting Go

March 24, 2012

This week we cover Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet, Doktor Mandrake, Fishing Spider-Man AND The Adventures of Big Face. What more could you want?

Batman #7 shows that Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder are just taking the piss now.

Plus, there’s droppage this week. It’s positively droppy, in fact.

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Show Notes for Ep.28 –
07:07 – In WATCHMEN CHAPTER 4 Simon references Doktor Mandrake from Spaced to make a point about Dr. Manhatten.
12:42 – MANHATTEN PROJECTS #1 was what we have come to expect from Jonathan Hickman, which suits us just fine.
18:13 – Having followed Buffy like a religion from Season 1, the Thwipping Boys reaction to BUFFY SEASON 9 #7 is a bit of a shocker.
23:44 – We keep expecting the series to fall but SUPERGIRL #7 shows that hasn’t happened yet.
31:40 – WONDER WOMAN #7 leads us onto a story about Fishing Spider-Man, and the funniest article any of us have ever read courtesy of
40:24 – Chris finds the sad story in GREEN LANTERN CORPS #7 quite funny.
44:34 – PROPHET #23 proves that this series is one of the best we’re reading.
53:57 – We are ready for this excellent series to give us its secrets after IDENTITY CRISIS #6.
63:01 – The two jokers behind BATMAN #7 are just taking things way too far now.

Ep. 24 – No More Death!

February 25, 2012

This week we continue delving into Identity Crisis, check out the latest batch of DCnU books, catch up with Miles in Ultimate Spider-Man and two of us continue to be blown away by Prophet.

We also drop a book we were loving not so long ago – it’s not an easy choice by any means.

Oh, plus we start reading Watchmen.

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Ep 24 Comics

Show Notes for Ep. 24 – No More Death!
01:40 –
 Jon clearly wants to like THE FLASH #6 but doesn’t, and this seems to confuse him.
08:13 –
IDENTITY CRISIS #3 proves something to us that Simon has been trying to tell us since our earliest episodes.
17:58 –
You would have been screwed if you read JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #6 before the following book on the show.
22:59 –
I, VAMPIRE #6 was a series of genuine Holy Shit! moments. Jon’s actually rendered speechless at one point.
32:49 –
With AQUAMAN #6 you get a comedy left-turn issue that doesn’t quite work out.
38:09 –
PROPHET #22 proves that this series is developing into one of the best comics around right now.
44:46 –
Like everyone else we’ve never read an issue of Ultimate Spidey we didn’t like. ULTIMATE COMICS: SPIDER-MAN #7 isn’t going to be the one that changes that.
53:27 –
We take the plunge and dive into WATCHMEN CHAPTER 1, learning a shocking truth about Chris’ history with the book in the process.

Ep. 21 – Chas and Dave

February 4, 2012

This episode is hampered by chesticular sickness, and was made possible by a hot toddy.

To make a hot toddy in the traditional Thwipping Boys way:

– Squeeze the juices from two lemons. Put aside.
– Grab cafetiere (or alternative infusing method), realise as usual that you forgot to wash it after your last coffee. Wash.
– Place a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and a small handful of cloves into the cafetiere.
– Place in required amount of boiling water (get a grown up for that bit) for whatever mug you are using.
– Place 1-2 teaspoons of Manuka Honey (minimum 10+ activity rating) into the mug.
– After 5 minutes or so, pour the hot water from the cafetiere into the mug. Stir until you are certain the honey has melted.
– Add the lemon juice.
– Add 1-2 shots of whiskey, to taste.
– Stir, and sip while it’s still warm. 

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Show Notes for Ep. 21 – Chas and Dave
21:13 – One of us thought ACTION COMICS #6 was Grant Morrison finally kicking into gear.  The others were not convinced.
32:15 – Another Image #1? Yes please.  But can ALPHA GIRL #1 compare to the brilliance of Prophet #21?
37:10 – STORMWATCH #6 was a strong farewell from Paul Cornell which left us wanting more.
45:50 – BATMAN #434 featured an inept Jim Gordon, for some reason.
55:00 – We got something a little bit different with ANIMAL MAN #6.
62:50 – While Animal Man was a bit of a lighter diversion, SWAMP THING #6 threw us deep into the nasty muck headfirst.

Ep. 19 – Segue Police!

January 20, 2012

We’ve chucked in all kinds of stuff this week! We jump on JonnyJon’s all-time favourite comic Ultimate Spider-Man, grab the first issue of Joshua Fialkov’s Doctor Who arc, bring back our Underground Comics Challenge for Red Angel and check out Prophet #21, which involved us giving money to Rob Liefeld. That wasn’t easy, but do we regret it?

We check in with the DCnU titles Wonder Woman #5, Supergirl #5, Green Lantern Corps #5 and the sublime Batman #5.

Finally, Simon learns he shares a very important link with his favourite character Nightwing, and Chris pushes things a step too far…

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Episode 19 Reviews



Show Notes for Episode 19: Segue Police!
06:24 – We take a look at ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #1-6 and shock! Horror! Jonny comes to the defence of Ultimatum.
29:49 – 
WONDER WOMAN #5 was great but we ended up digressing into the awesomeness that Chris is capable of frying up for breakfast.
38:37 – 
DR. WHO #13 turned out to be a little disappointing.
46:44 –
Have we mentioned we love Guy Gardner? As usual he’s awesome in GREEN LANTERN CORPS #5.
54:40 – 
PROPHET #21 is actually really damn cool.
64:54 –
Our Underground Comics Challenge returns with intriguing steampunk indie book RED ANGEL #1.
85:16 –
We randomly check out BATMAN #408 and Simon learns something quite sweet. Awww.
93:48 –
Jon was “floored” by how good SUPERGIRL #5 was. It’s about time he caught up!
– BATMAN #5. Well, what can we say? Devastingly good would only begin to describe it.

JonnyJon’s Graphic Novel & Trades Collection

November 29, 2011

As anyone who has been listening to the show should know, I don’t have any love for single issue comics. I don’t have the cash, the space…or most importantly a comic shop anywhere within my quadrant.

However, despite my proclamation that for me, digital single issues trump paper copies, don’t let it be said I don’t like a book or two.

Recently, Simon was pondering what to get me for Christmas, and realised he didn’t know what I already had, so I offered to put a list together to help him avoid buying me a present I already own – an act for which I would never forgive him. While doing this I thought sod it, I might as well shove it on the blog, it’s always possible some nutter will be interested.

So before I break it down, here’s what the collection looks like in full.

And unfortunately this next book needs a section to itself.

Wednesday Comics
There really is nowhere else to store this big bastard.

Absolute All-Star Superman
Absolute New Frontier
Absolute Planetary Volumes 1 and 2
Absolute Kingdom Come
Absolute Watchmen
JLA Omnibus Volumes 1-4
Batman and Robin Volume 1

Starman Omnibus Volumes 1-6
Swamp Thing Omnibus Volumes 1-4
The Spirit Book 1 & Book 2
Green Arrow: Year One
All-Star Superman Volumes 1 & 2
Because it’s good enough to own twice.
JLA Year One
Identity Crisis

Akham Asylum
Justice Society of America: The Next Age
Justice Society of America: Thy Kingdom Come Volumes 1-3
The Mighty Volumes 1 & 2
Green Lantern: Rebirth
Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War Volumes 1 & 2
Green Lantern: Secret Origin
Green Lantern: Agent Orange
Green Lantern: Revenge of the Green Lanterns
JSA Vs. Kobra
JLA: Justice for All
JLA: Strength in Numbers
JLA: World War III
I kept these JLA trades when I upgraded to the Omnibus editions, as they all feature stories by writers other than Morrison which are not collected in those.
The Death of the New Gods
Superman: Red Son
JLA / Avengers
Justice League International Volumes 1 & 2
Sleeper Seasons 1 & 2
Planetary: Crossing Worlds
Checkmate: A King’s Game
Checkmate: Pawn Breaks
Checkmate: Fall of the Wall
Outsiders / Checkmate: Checkout
The Losers Books 1 & 2
Animal Man Volumes 1-3

How to Kill Your Boyfriend
The Sandman Volumes 1-6
Preacher Volumes 1-9
Transmetropolitan Volumes 1-9
Fables Volumes 1 & 2
Pride of Baghdad
Doom Patrol Volume 5
Haven’t read any Doom Patrol as yet, but the library was selling off this one for a quid so how could I refuse?

The Mighty Thor Omnibus
New X-Men Omnibus
Astonishing X-Men Omnibus
Captain America Omnibus
The Death of Captain America Omnibus
Avengers Forever
S.H.I.E.L.D. Book 1
Marvel Boy
The Death of Captain Marvel
Squadron Supreme

The Silver Surfer Origins
Fantastic Four: Doomsday
The Uncanny X-Men: Dark Phoenix
The Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past
Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.
Infinity Gauntlet
New Avengers Illuminati
Death’s Head Volume 2
I was a big fan of Death’s Head as a kid, and Volume 2 features the stories I remember so fondly. Didn’t care much for Volume 1 so it went on Ebay.
Young Avengers Volumes 1 & 2
Supreme Power Volumes 1-3
New X-Men Volumes 1-7
See earlier comment about owning All-Star Superman twice!
Bullet Points
Fantastic Four: Authoritative Action
Fantastic Four 1-2-3-4
Fantastic Four Volumes 1-3 of the Hickman run
Civil War Young Avengers
X-Men First Class Volume 1
Captain Britain and MI:13 Volumes 1-3
Fantastic Four: True Story
Avengers: Galactic Storm
Another one I got from the library for a quid. I haven’t read it yet. Have heard it’s not good.
Astonishing X-Men Volumes 1-4
I own the omnibus, the trades, the single issues and the motion comic! Plus something else I will be posting about after this!

Ultimate Comics Doomsday
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up
Ultimate Origins
Ultimate Spider-Man Volumes 3-22
I gave 1 and 2 to Chris to get him into Ultimate Spidey…just remembered I still need to re-buy them!
Ultimate Requiem
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Volume 1
And this is where my Ultimate Spidey Collection starts to look stupid.
Ultimate Spider-Man Chameleons
“Ultimate Comics” didn’t last very long did it?
Ultimate Spider-Man Prelude to Death of Spider-Man
Runaways Volumes 1-8
Because it stopped being good after that.

Spike: After the Fall
Angel Season 6 Volumes 1-9
I know it’s not officially Season 6 but that’s what I call it. Most of this series is very underrated and was better than Buffy Season 8.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales of the Slayers
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales of the Vampires
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Origin
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Volumes 1-8
Serenity: Those Left Behind
Serenity: Better Days
Serenity: The Shepherd’s Tale

Charley’s War Volume 1
If the memories of my youth are correct, this is the greatest war comic ever. Need to get hold of the rest of this.
Godland Celestial Edition Volume 2
American Flagg Volume 1
Asterios Polyp

The Incal
Star Wars: Dark Empire Trilogy
Queen and Country Definitive Editions Volumes 1-4
Barry Ween: Boy Genius
I attended a comic storytelling art course hosted by the underrated Warren Pleece, and he signed this excellent Vertigo book.

Scarlet Volume 1
Promethea Book 1
Godland Volumes 1 and 2
Fear Agent Volumes 1-3
The Pro
Chew Volume 1
Myspace Dark Horse Presents Volume 1
Think I bought this due to it having a Whedon story.
Scurvy Dogs
Milk and Cheese
Seaguy Volume 1
Simpsons Comics Unchained
Incorruptible Volume 1
Fortune and Glory
Penny Arcade Volumes 1-6
Pedro and Me
Project X Challengers: Nissin Cup Noodle
Project X Challengers: Seven Eleven

So there you go! I’m sure you found that hugely interesting, and hopefully Simon will be able to figure out a suitable present now.

If you’ve got any comments, email



November 20, 2011

Episode 11 finds the boys battling out in round 3 of the DC comics fight to the death, which books will survive? Results of The Flash casting couch are revealed, while Dr Strange is the man in the spotlight this time (poll with pics to be up within 24 hours). There is a surprise in store following confusion over I…Vampire, and Chris continues his look at Marvels.

Due to technical issues, our hosting is currently down, which means only the latest episode will be accessible through Soundcloud. You can direct download from the Soundcloud player, but this does unfortunately mean  that no episodes, including the latest, will be available on iTunes at the moment!

Sorry about the inconvenience, and we will keep you posted.

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Show Notes for Episode 11: I AM PERLMON
09:00 –
We might be way off base, but BATMAN #3 gives us the impression that Alfred might be up to something.
18:40 – Dissenting opinions abound among the Thwipping Boys when it comes to GUY GARDNER BEING A BADASS #3.
24:14 – I,VAMPIRE #3 was in the podcast plan, but since DC can’t seem to put accurate information on its website (or indeed IN the comics) we decided to randomly try MUDMAN #1 from Image Comics instead.
31:55 – We get our Casting Caps on and try to pick an actor to play the perfect DOCTOR STRANGE.
53:30 – JUSTICE LEAGUE #3 causes us to ask what the hell is going on with this book? Is Geoff Johns trying to illustrate Bipolar Disorder by way of a superhero team comic or something?
62:25 – NIGHTWING #3 wins some respect by featuring a bearded lady, but Simon senses this one is in trouble before we even start talking about it.
69:30 – The best bit of RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #3 featured neither The Outlaws nor Red Hood (not specifically), so where does that leave this book?
77:40 – SUPERGIRL #3 has glacial plot progression, but it turns out that’s fashionable, so that’s OK then.
86:55 – WONDER WOMAN #3 ruins her origin story for our friends in the Young Republican Society, but we quite like it.
96:25 – Chris is loving MARVELS #2 but asks the question we’ve all asked at one point or another, why hasn’t Alex Ross been more prolific, dammit!?

Ep. 08 – Thwipping Boys Halloween Special

October 31, 2011

Welcome to a very special and spooky edition of the Thwipping Boys Comics & Entertainment Podcast. Halloween is the theme this week, and my god do the boys throw themselves right in to that. First they continue their look at DC’s new issues, followed by in depth discussions on The Walking Dead and Buffy universes, while the Underground Comics Challenge this week is a magical little book called Oddfellows Serenade.


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Show Notes for Episode 8: Halloween Special
05.00 – Has ALL STAR WESTERN shot its load too early?
09:30 – AQUAMAN left Simon feeling cheated.
16:30 – The boys discuss the first trade of THE WALKING DEAD and compare it to the first season of the TV Show.
47:45 – Continuing the horror / Kirkman theme, the boys have a quick look at new Skybound series WITCH DOCTOR.
53:30 – THE FLASH continues to impress.
61:12 – Why does IVAMPIRE have such awful covers?
67:30 – We check out ODDFELLOWS SERENADE in our Underground Comics Challenge.
82:00 – There were plenty of funny supernatural shenanigans in JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK.
89:00 – I/We didn’t love TEEN TITANS, but it’s a fun book to rip into.
104:00 – The Thwipping Boys engage in a 35-minute-plus conversation about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the geekiness goes right off the charts!