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Avengers Forever – Part 2

August 10, 2014

Podcast: Avengers Forever Part 2 – Issues 7-12

A few weeks ago we published our thoughts on Avengers Forever, a title we were initially stoked to read. Unfortunately that excitement seemed to turn out unwarranted as we struggled not only to enjoy it, but to grasp what was going on.

Now, finally, we have completed this epic undertaking. Does the second half of the story turn things around and help us comprehend the love this story receives?

PS. Here is the link Simon mentions…what do you think?

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Bullet Points

July 20, 2014

Terrence and Phillip “Let’s read Bullet Points!” he said.

“JMS is awesome!” he said.

“I’ve heard it’s a really awesome twist on the Marvel Universe!” he said.

The boys take a look at Bullet Points, the Marvel miniseries with the slightly-more-complicated-than-it-should-be high concept of: “What would happen if Captain America never existed and for some reason Ben Parker was also killed”.

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Avengers Forever Part 1

June 22, 2014

Podcast: Avengers Forever Part 1 – Issues 1-6

Avengers Forever Part 1

Before we undertook this in-depth look at Busiek and Pacheco’s Avengers Forever we were bright-eyed young podcasters, optimistic about a future filled with awesome stories like this one, which we’d been led to believe was one of the great standalone Marvel tales.

By the end of this podcast we are somewhat different…men who have stared too long into the abyss perhaps.

And we’re only halfway there…

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Important Notice:

If you heard our review of the first issue in the preview we did and can’t face listening to it again, then skip forward to 26:15!