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Simon’s Best of 2011 Awards Day 1 – Television

December 28, 2011

With 2011 coming to a close, I wanted to wrap up my thoughts on my various interests by producing the Inaugural Thwipping Boys Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence Awards. This feature will run for the next 4 days, with a different category each day, so be sure to check back this time tomorrow for part 2!! I must warn you, throughout this series there will be spoilers, so with that over and done with… GET ON WITH THE CEREMONY!!

Best TV Actor

Bryan Cranston – Walter White, Breaking Bad

Bryan CranstonIt would be very easy to attribute this win to the ole bandwagon, Cranston wins these awards left, right and center, he has to be a shoe in for all of them right? Well… No, to be honest, in Breaking Bad alone this year Aaron Paul was breathing right down Cranston’s neck for his blistering portrayal of Jesse Pinkman, Bob Odenkirk was suitably slimy as Saul Goodman and Giancarlo Esposito gave us the best TV villain in years in Gustavo ‘Gus’ Fring. Despite a tour de force of supporting cast, or perhaps because of it, Cranston was able to stay one step ahead, delivering mind-blowing moments capable of elevating him above the pack, making us love and hate dear old Walter White in equal parts.

Most Shocking TV moment

The Demise of Ned Stark – Game of Thrones

Fans of George R. R. Martin’s ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ saga would have been well aware of the events that transpired throughout the first Season of the books television adaptation, those new to the series were a different story entirely. Leading up to the Series Premiere, advertising had leaned in one direction in particular, pushing Ned Stark (portrayed by Sean Bean) as the main character, of which the series would revolve around. With all of this, expectations that had been previously established were shattered in one fell swoop when the dastardly little bitch King Joffrey executed Ned just because he could… Not that I am still bitter. This moment had viewers baying for the heads of everyone involved, vowing never to watch the show again, until the next week.

The following scene is so well shot, so beautiful, that even after the deed is done, there is a moment spent questioning whether it really happened. With the director of this episode  (Alan Taylor) recently confirmed as the director of Thor 2, Mjolnir looks to be in sturdy hands.

Best Show

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad


What can I say about Breaking Bad that hasn’t already been said; in 4 short seasons this show has garnered unanimous praise and constant plaudits. It has truly been the most uncomfortable joy watching Walter White’s family life unravel as he is consumed more and more by the greed and power of the Crystal Meth industry. Season 4 ended with the confirmation that Walter’s actions have not been motivated by protection of his family or through uncertainty, but that, of all of the villains showcased on Breaking Bad, Walter is one of the most devious. With one season left it will be interesting to see just how the cards fall, what will be the fate of Walter, Jesse, Skylar and Hank? In my opinion, Jesse will get out alive, while Walter will be buried in a grave of his own making.


And there we are, part 1 is over and done with, I hope you have enjoyed the show, and check back tomorrow for part 2… WRESTLING!


Poll: Thwipping Boys Casting Couch – Spider Jerusalem

October 23, 2011

In Episode 7 of Thwipping Boys, Chris managed to surprise no-one by selecting Transmetropolitan’s Spider Jerusalem for the Casting Couch treatment – not an easy character to cast by any means.

We have come up with what we think is a great list of suggestions to think about…though Jon mentioned Gary Busey at one point and doesn’t know where the hell that one came from.

Simon’s Spidered-up the best of the bunch that we discussed to give an idea of how our ideas might look if they ever came to pass, so vote below, and let us know! If you don’t like our choices, you can choose someone else – we’ll reveal who won the public vote in two weeks, since we’re taking a break from the feature for next week’s Halloween show!

Just for reference, here is Spider Jerusalem in all his glory!

And now our choices and the poll!