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Underground Comics Challenge – Zombie Outlaw

March 9, 2012

This week’s podcast sees the return of the Underground Comics Challenge and this time we’re taking a look at Zombie Outlaw by writer Brian Apodaca and artist Benny Jordan, who kindly sent us three copies to review from all the way over the pond.

Zombie OutlawZombie Outlaw is a fun horror-comedy comic with a very individual, cartoony look and weird sense of humour.

Find out more about it and order Issue 1 at

As for us, we surprised ourselves by deciding we’d like to try a bit more of it – you can see what we made of it in Ep. 26 – Trashcan Edition.

If you’re going to Wondercon 2012 in Anaheim on March 16th-18th, you can meet the creators! Visit them at the small-press area, booth # SP-096.

Thanks to Brian for getting in touch and sending us such a cool package. You can follow him on Twitter where he’s known as @Capn_Midnight


Underground Comics Challenge – Red Angel

January 21, 2012

redangelIt’s the return of our Underground Comics Challenge! We reviewed Red Angel #1 from WhatTheFlux Comics on our latest podcast this week, and while our review was certainly balanced, we rather enjoyed this intriguing and imaginative tale.

If you love steampunk, robots, cool character design, imaginative world-building and protagonists with awesome names, we’d recommend you check out Red Angel.

Learn more at the website for WhatTheFlux.

Check out the review in Ep. 19 of our podcast. In the meantime, if you’re a creator who would like us to review your comic on a future podcast, email or find us on Twitter at @thwippingboys

Underground Comics Challenge – Oddfellows Serenade

October 31, 2011

For the Thwipping Boys Halloween Special (coming later today) we reviewed Oddfellows Serenade, by Bob Freeman (Author, Artist and Paranormal Adventurer) and Chris Wilson.

Check out the podcast to see what we made of it, and if you think the occult detecting of Landon Connors sounds like your kind of thing then head over to Occult Detective for more info on Oddfellows Serenade and the various projects of the creators.

Thanks to Bob for sending this in and letting us do it.

Underground Comics Challenge – Barbarian

October 22, 2011

Last week we put out the call for underground comics creators to send in their stuff for us to review on the podcast.

In Episode 7 (released later today) we are going to review BARBARIAN, which was kindly sent in by Scott Amundson. If you would like to check out the comic for yourself, it’s available digitally here:

and here:

There will be some more underground comics reviews to come in the following weeks, so thanks to the folks who have already sent stuff in – if you haven’t and you would like to, check out the post and get it over to us!

The Underground Comics Challenge!

October 15, 2011

Here at Thwipping Boys Towers we have been wondering what the underground comics scene is really like. If you’re a small-scale indie or self-published creator who wants a little bit of publicity (emphasis on the “little bit” there) then send your work in and we’ll pick some out to review on the podcast.

If you’ve been listening to our podcasts you’ll know we don’t hold back much – so bear in mind that if we don’t like it, we’ll say so.

We do realise all comics aren’t for us, so we’re not going to penalise something that is clearly aimed at a different target audience for that reason alone. We might even try and make the feedback constructive.

Up for the challenge? Send your work to with a few random details about yourself.