Simon’s Birthday Swag Bag! (note: does not include bag)

So, today was my birthday, I’ve turned the tender age of 27 and thought I’d show off my haul for the day… Now, admittedly, the PS4 and games are more of a present to myself but hey ho, got to treat yourself on your birthday too!

Birthday Swag!



Game of Thrones on Blu-RayThose of you who have been listening to our Game of Thrones-cast know that I regularly dazzle Jon with my significantly large gaps in knowledge about storylines, characters and places. To be clear, I LOVE Game of Thrones, probably one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, but it was also something I’ve never gone back and re-watched, always waiting until I had the time buy the blu-ray and watch on a player that didn’t sound like a jet engine (like my PS3 does). Well, that day is here with this lovely box set combining Seasons 1-3! In 9 months time when Game of Thrones returns for Season 5 expect me to layeth the proverbial smacketh down on Jon’s Game of Thrones loving candy ass with a knowledge bomb.

Andre the Giant: Life and LegendWithout meaning to, that last line has provided a perfect transition in to my next present, this one from my other half (in the podcasting sense), Jon. As some may know, both Jon and I are huge fans of wrestling, he’s a lapsed fan and I’m very much still in to it, which is why I was very happy to receive this little number through the post! This is “Andre The Giant – Life and Legend” by Box Brown, a graphical biography of the late Andre The Giant, one of the most popular personalities in and out of the squared circle. I’ve never been one to read the more traditional type of “cartoonist” comic strips with it’s limited dialogue, simple art style and focus on character and humour over the more bombastic nature of superhero comics. I have nothing against the genre, it’s just not been something to match my tastes. Having said that, I am looking forward to digging in to this book, the artwork looks to be steeped in personality and with only 2 pages read, the story has already tugged on my heart strings. Not only that, but dis guy appears, BROTHER.

Andre and Hulk


Watch Dogs BundleFinally, I’m a bit of a gamer and would probably talk about them more on the podcast if Jon kept up to date with the happenings… The irony being that Jon was a games journalist for what must have been close to a decade but now only dips his fingers every so often. I recently landed a new job and with it being my birthday as well I decided there was no better time to go “next-gen”. I picked up the Watch_Dogs PS4 bundle which also came with The Wolverine and Man of Steel on blu-ray for free, as well as cheapo copies of Killzone: Shadows Fall and FIFA 14. Onwards and upwards, let the games begin!

Birthday Blu-Rays and GamesTa ta for now!

PS – Cake

 Turtle Cake


One Response to “Simon’s Birthday Swag Bag! (note: does not include bag)”

  1. cairnwood Says:

    Happy Birthday. Looks like an excellent haul. Enjoy.

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