Death of the Family

Podcast: Batman #13 – 17 by Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo and a whole bunch of other fine folk.

Death of the Family Jokerface

Because we only cover the most recent events in comics, we decided to return to the New 52 and take a look at Death of the Family.

What we have here is a fine example of how one carries a podcast when 50% of your presenting team seems to have nothing to say. To be fair, Jon does admit this pretty early on but his struggle to get through this is both obvious and pretty funny.

It shouldn’t be a struggle for you though dear listeners, because of Simon’s herculean efforts – he’s like the Shawn Michaels of podcasting, carrying a useless lump to something much greater than he deserves to be involved in.

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3 Responses to “Death of the Family”

  1. GSP Says:

    I really didn’t see any homophobia or “gay panic” in the story’s themes or artwork.

    “Causeheads” always look reasons to be butthurt from anything.

    I still hear Mark Hamill’s voice when I read Joker’s lines.

    Scott Snyder played VERY fast and loose with the “T” rating for death of the family. That flaming horse and the “tapestry” scene were “M” rating worthy.

    The shock scenes served to reinforce Joker and reiterate the fact to the viewer that the Joker is evil. One could argue that this was also to shock the viewers who may have been “desensitized” by Heath Ledger’s Joker.

    As for Joker’s “love” for Batman, it really boils down to Batman being a “challenge” for him.

    The same theme was explored in the the Batman: The Animated Series episodes “Mad Love” and “The Man Who Killed Batman”. The theme was also explored at the end of the Dark Knight film.

  2. GSP Says:

    The Joker’s face thing and the ending of the story also served to take Joker out of play for the duration of the Forever Evil story arc.

  3. Thwipping Boys Says:

    Thanks for listening, and for the comment! 🙂 TB

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