The Irish Whipping Boys – NXT Takeover Thoughts and Feels

Evenin’ all.

When Jon and I decided to bring the podcast back we wanted to do things just a little bit different. We decided not to be so strict in what we talk about, how long we talk and when we talk about it. We want to cover things we’re passionate about and we’re pretty happy with going it alone if need be.

That’s where we are now, because this is episode one of THE IRISH WHIPPING BOYS, my Thwipping Boys spinoff show dedicated to the world of wrestling. The episodes will mostly consist of me giving my opinions on the latest PPV or “special event” as they’re now known and just chatting to myself about wrestling. Every so often Jon may join me as he’s an old man when it comes to wrestling fans and he hasn’t consistently watched for quite a while. When it’s appropriate others may pop in for a few words as well, but it’ll mostly be me.

With that, I hope you enjoy my thoughts on last night’s NXT Takeover event. As always you can download here, subscribe on iTunes or subscribe on Youtube, where the show will be posted within the next few hours.

Listen Now!




As an additional note, as some may know we lost our audio magician and so there may be teething problems at first when it comes to getting the audio levels correct. If you listen to any of our stuff and you couldn’t hear or it annihilated your ear drums then let us know.

For those who are listening, here is the promised youtube video to what the much discussed botched move SHOULD have looked like.



Peace out thweeple.




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