Thwipping Boys Vs. Action Comics – Big Fight This Weekend!

Thwipping Boys Vs. Action ComicsIf you’ve listened to our show, you’ll know there’s a particular writer we reference all the time.

Not Joss Whedon! The other one.

We all adore Grant Morrison. Jon was addicted to his Marvel UK work in 1986, at the tender age of eight. Many years later, it was Morrison’s JLA that taught him that the DCU was cool. Simon got through a particularly long and nasty hospital stay in his early teens with the help of the same JLA run. Chris joined the party late but has wasted no time, devouring the likes of All-Star Superman, Animal Man, The Filth and the entirety of The Invisibles.

Going into the New 52, it was Action Comics that we were most excited about. So it is with heavy hearts that it has come to this.

We started with all 52 books and we’re now down to 17 – we can be quite punishing! Some of the books we’ve dropped so far (let’s say Nightwing, or The Flash) were certainly not as deserving of that fate  as Action Comics.

But we keep repeating the mantra: “This is Grant Morrison. THIS IS GRANT MORRISON.”

Occasionally, a creator earns the right to some leeway and Morrison has earned that and then some. We’re not completionists and we don’t really care about continuity – we’ve stayed on this so far only out of a genuine belief that it’s going to get much better. Of course it is! IT’S GRANT MORRISON! The guy is the best in the business and arguably the best there has ever been.

But Action Comics is just quite simply not very good*. Repeatedly. After months and months of painfully admitting that to ourselves we have to start wondering where we draw the line.

And that line is issue 8, “the epic 30-page conclusion of Grant Morrison and Rags Morales’ majestic opening storyline!”.

Look, we aren’t going in to this looking to drop it. We want to stay with it and if Morrison gives us a reason to, we will jump at that chance.

In this fight, we hope we lose, we really do. Prove us wrong, Grant. Kick our asses.

Thwipping Boys Vs. Action Comics

* Our reasons? Episode 26 is as good a place to start as any.


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2 Responses to “Thwipping Boys Vs. Action Comics – Big Fight This Weekend!”

  1. Cub Reporter K Says:

    I tried again for #5 & 6, but 6 was such a mess I’m fully done. I loved the debut of the new team on Superman #7 and that is the Supes book I will be sticking with.

  2. russhagan Says:

    Agreed!! For some reason GM, as well as other writers, seems to get away with writing crap at times but gets forgiven because of past successes. Whilst other writers produce, in my opinion, better stuff but get slated because it’s ‘cool’ to dis-like them.
    Action is the only ‘super’ book I’m not reading (I read up to #4). The other 3 titles are all far superior.

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