Ep.28 – Letting Go

This week we cover Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet, Doktor Mandrake, Fishing Spider-Man AND The Adventures of Big Face. What more could you want?

Batman #7 shows that Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder are just taking the piss now.

Plus, there’s droppage this week. It’s positively droppy, in fact.

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Show Notes for Ep.28 –
07:07 – In WATCHMEN CHAPTER 4 Simon references Doktor Mandrake from Spaced to make a point about Dr. Manhatten.
12:42 – MANHATTEN PROJECTS #1 was what we have come to expect from Jonathan Hickman, which suits us just fine.
18:13 – Having followed Buffy like a religion from Season 1, the Thwipping Boys reaction to BUFFY SEASON 9 #7 is a bit of a shocker.
23:44 – We keep expecting the series to fall but SUPERGIRL #7 shows that hasn’t happened yet.
31:40 – WONDER WOMAN #7 leads us onto a story about Fishing Spider-Man, and the funniest article any of us have ever read courtesy of Cracked.com.
40:24 – Chris finds the sad story in GREEN LANTERN CORPS #7 quite funny.
44:34 – PROPHET #23 proves that this series is one of the best we’re reading.
53:57 – We are ready for this excellent series to give us its secrets after IDENTITY CRISIS #6.
63:01 – The two jokers behind BATMAN #7 are just taking things way too far now.


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