Ep. 27 – Whining Little B-tch

There were so many comics out this week that we had to skip Identity Crisis and Watchmen, in order to check out a new Vertigo book by one of our faves Paul Cornell, as well as the return to comics of BKV with Saga, from Image.

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Episode 27 Comics

Show Notes for Ep. 27 – Whining Little B-tch
10:27 – Morgan turning into such a whining little bitch in BATMAN AND ROBIN #7 took some of the shine off this series.
15:29 – Grant turning into such a whining little bitch in DEATHSTROKE #7  took some of the shine off this series.
20:27 – SUICIDE SQUAD #7 was crazy, sexy and cool. As usual!
26:44 – RESURRECTION MAN #7 cements our opinion that this series needs to step up.
35:31 – The first arc comes to a spectacular end in DEMON KNIGHTS #7.
45:30 – SAUCER COUNTRY #1 gave us something a little different to anything else we’re reading.
62:22 – Every James Robinson comic we read makes us a bit smarter, and THE SHADE #6 is no exception.
65:13 – Due to poor communication Chris didn’t remember to buy GREEN LANTERN #7 but doesn’t seem to mind.
69:51 – SAGA #1 was funnier and more light-hearted than we were expecting.


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