Ep. 25 – Randy Macho

It’s our gala 25th episode! We forgot that while recording but it’s still a milestone we’re proud of!

There’s no New 52 books this week…what are we gonna do? Last time we were so confused we took the week off. So we thought we’d catch up with six issues Buffy Season 9 as well as featuring the return of Simon’s Batman retrospective and the next chapters of Identity Crisis, Ultimates, The Shade and course, Watchmen.

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Episode 25 Comics

Show Notes for Ep. 25 – Randy Macho
06:44 –
We take advantage of the lack of DCnU releases to catch up with BUFFY SEASON 9.
20:09 – We thought THE SHADE #5 was just wonderful. That’s 5 for 5 so far then. Simon’s opinion is rendered null and void as per his terms of employment.
24:30 – IDENTITY CRISIS #4 shows Superman and The Justice League in a more terrifying light than we’re used to.
37:24 – Rorschach has one of his finest moments in WATCHMEN CHAPTER 2.
59:02 – BATMAN #480 from June 1992 is discussed this week after a short break from Simon’s Batman retrospective.
71:33 – When discussing ULTIMATE COMICS ULTIMATES #7 we talk about how long a story Jonathan Hickman must be weaving with this – about an hour before learning he’s leaving the book soon. D’oh.


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