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Special Edition – Marvels and Ruins

March 30, 2012

Welcome to a new Special Edition of the Thwipping Boys podcast as we continue our tradition of delving into a classic of the comics form by reading Marvels by Alex Ross and Kurt Busiek.

Originally featured in Episodes 10 to 13 of our show, we now present the review as one single piece.

But that is not all! Oh no it most certainly is not! Because this time we have also included an exclusive companion piece that never featured on our show…we try to make sense of Warren Ellis’ Ruins!

Misunderstood genius? A brilliant joke? A terrible joke? Or just offensive and insulting for the sake of it?

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Marvels and Ruins

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Ep.28 – Letting Go

March 24, 2012

This week we cover Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet, Doktor Mandrake, Fishing Spider-Man AND The Adventures of Big Face. What more could you want?

Batman #7 shows that Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder are just taking the piss now.

Plus, there’s droppage this week. It’s positively droppy, in fact.

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Show Notes for Ep.28 –
07:07 – In WATCHMEN CHAPTER 4 Simon references Doktor Mandrake from Spaced to make a point about Dr. Manhatten.
12:42 – MANHATTEN PROJECTS #1 was what we have come to expect from Jonathan Hickman, which suits us just fine.
18:13 – Having followed Buffy like a religion from Season 1, the Thwipping Boys reaction to BUFFY SEASON 9 #7 is a bit of a shocker.
23:44 – We keep expecting the series to fall but SUPERGIRL #7 shows that hasn’t happened yet.
31:40 – WONDER WOMAN #7 leads us onto a story about Fishing Spider-Man, and the funniest article any of us have ever read courtesy of
40:24 – Chris finds the sad story in GREEN LANTERN CORPS #7 quite funny.
44:34 – PROPHET #23 proves that this series is one of the best we’re reading.
53:57 – We are ready for this excellent series to give us its secrets after IDENTITY CRISIS #6.
63:01 – The two jokers behind BATMAN #7 are just taking things way too far now.

Ep. 27 – Whining Little B-tch

March 17, 2012

There were so many comics out this week that we had to skip Identity Crisis and Watchmen, in order to check out a new Vertigo book by one of our faves Paul Cornell, as well as the return to comics of BKV with Saga, from Image.

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Episode 27 Comics

Show Notes for Ep. 27 – Whining Little B-tch
10:27 – Morgan turning into such a whining little bitch in BATMAN AND ROBIN #7 took some of the shine off this series.
15:29 – Grant turning into such a whining little bitch in DEATHSTROKE #7  took some of the shine off this series.
20:27 – SUICIDE SQUAD #7 was crazy, sexy and cool. As usual!
26:44 – RESURRECTION MAN #7 cements our opinion that this series needs to step up.
35:31 – The first arc comes to a spectacular end in DEMON KNIGHTS #7.
45:30 – SAUCER COUNTRY #1 gave us something a little different to anything else we’re reading.
62:22 – Every James Robinson comic we read makes us a bit smarter, and THE SHADE #6 is no exception.
65:13 – Due to poor communication Chris didn’t remember to buy GREEN LANTERN #7 but doesn’t seem to mind.
69:51 – SAGA #1 was funnier and more light-hearted than we were expecting.

Simon’s Movie Review – Justice League: DOOM

March 10, 2012

Justice League: Doom is the latest release in the DC Animated Universe, and the final curtain for its writer, the late Dwayne McDuffie with a story very loosely based on Mark Waid’s fantastic JLA Tower of Babel storyline. Due to either paranoia or a desire for preparedness (depending on your point of view) Batman has covertly developed contingency plans for incapacitating earths mightiest heroes (not THOSE earths mightiest heroes) should they ever be compromised. As is fully expected, it is only a matter of time before these plans fall in to the hands of the dastardly villains of the piece, in the form of Vandal Savage and his LEGION OF DOOM (oooooouuuugh what a rush!)

The first thing I have to say about this piece is that it was a real joy to get such a stellar voice acting cast for this move, The DCAU titles have been incredibly hit and miss with their casting in the past, and so it was a pleasure to hear all the major players of the Timmverse return including the legendary Kevin Conroy and Tim Daly as Batman and Superman respectively. Filling out the heroes voice cast is everyone’s favourite maverick space cowboy Harrison Fo… No seriously, it’s Nathan Fillion, reprising the role of Hal Jordan that he was born to play, and Bumper Robinson as Cyborg, which unfortunately leads me to my first negative, as I felt Cyborg was horribly miscast here, and couldn’t mesh with the voice. Still, to make up for that, we got Alexis Denisof as Mirror Master!! YAY!

As a big fan of anime since my early childhood, I’ve always been attracted to animation that has a real sense of fluidity and energy coursing through it, and so it is more often than not how I tend to judge Western style animation as well, many animations have fallen at this hurdle, but I am happy to say that Justice League Doom passed with flying colours. The animation is smooth and crisp, the colours are bright and poppy without being distracting, and the action scenes have a real sense of energy and power to them, with one particular standout being an all-out brawl between the Martian Manhunter and his LoD counterpart (because we all need evil counterparts right?) in which they seamlessly mutate in to a variety of weird and wonderful creatures.

So what did I think of the story? This was something that I found very difficult to think about, as there are vast changes to a source material that is one of my favourite JLA stories. Overall I felt that once it entered the crux of the story it was a pretty strong adaptation, the change of the motivation behind the villains was; as expected, a ridiculously elaborate bad guy plan, but it worked within its context. The first of two big disappointments for me here was the opening scene, in which the Justice League do battle with The Royal Flush Gang (a villainous team I have always hated) which seems to serve as nothing more than to introduce a deus ex machina of sorts, as well as a rather trite explanation for why Cyborg deserved to be on the team. The second was that there is no real resolution to Batman’s actions, it could have paved the way for a rather intelligent discussion to cap off the movie, thus giving us older fans a secondary layer to enjoy the movie, but instead it was dispatched with rather quickly.

Overall this movie was a fun and entertaining slice of time, the animation was as good as it was ever going to be, as was the voice acting, but I felt some of the more interesting questions that could have been addressed were not. I was also rather unhappy with the inclusion of Cyborg in the story, he had little purpose, and was more than likely in there for no other reason than for DC to try and convince us that HE IS A JUSTICE LEAGUER DAMMIT, especially when other members of the DCU (I’m looking at you and your giant seahorse Aquaman) have been getting the short straw when it comes to animated adaptations for years.

If you’ve been a fan of DC’s other AU output, I’d recommend checking this out, whether this will win over any fans who have been disappointed with the past quality is another question, but what have you got to lose?

To sign off I must point to the funniest (unintentionally) moment of the movie – The Flash is floating in the sea unconscious when the Batplane flies overhead, and Cyborgs robotic hand on a cable swoops down, plucking The Flash out of the water… It was at this moment I shouted “GO GO GADGET ARM!”

8 out of 10 THWIPS!

Underground Comics Challenge – Zombie Outlaw

March 9, 2012

This week’s podcast sees the return of the Underground Comics Challenge and this time we’re taking a look at Zombie Outlaw by writer Brian Apodaca and artist Benny Jordan, who kindly sent us three copies to review from all the way over the pond.

Zombie OutlawZombie Outlaw is a fun horror-comedy comic with a very individual, cartoony look and weird sense of humour.

Find out more about it and order Issue 1 at

As for us, we surprised ourselves by deciding we’d like to try a bit more of it – you can see what we made of it in Ep. 26 – Trashcan Edition.

If you’re going to Wondercon 2012 in Anaheim on March 16th-18th, you can meet the creators! Visit them at the small-press area, booth # SP-096.

Thanks to Brian for getting in touch and sending us such a cool package. You can follow him on Twitter where he’s known as @Capn_Midnight

Ep. 26 – Trashcan Edition

March 9, 2012

This week sees the return of the Underground Comics Challenge as we take a look at Zombie Outlaw, while we continue our read-throughs of the classics Watchmen and Identity Crisis.

Grant Morrison seems to have pissed off Chris something chronic with the quality of Action Comics. Our favourite comics writer has one issue left to please us, or we’re off! We also check out Stormwatch, Swamp Thing and Animal Man from the DCnU titles and catch up with Ultimate Spidey.

By the way, if you’re a new listener and you don’t understand our references to Pripyat, check out our Halloween Special.

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Episode 26 Reviews

Show Notes for Ep. 26 – Trashcan Edition
07:45 – We thought STORMWATCH #7 was the weakest issue to date – we’re just itching for Peter Milligan to get started.
14:24 – Chris has a rant about the “utter shit” ACTION COMICS #7.
23:40 – ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #8 was cool but we’re desperately waiting for this to kick-off.
30:05 – Was Firestorm’s death in IDENTITY CRISIS #5 supposed to be funny? Well it most certainly was.
40:16 – Simon’s Batman retrospective covers 1993’s BATMAN #495.
48:36 – Our Underground Comics Challenge returns as we take a look at ZOMBIE OUTLAW.
64:40 – ANIMAL MAN #7 proves that while we will miss Travel Foreman, this book is not in trouble with Steve Pugh on art.
71:59 – Masterful, that’s the only way we can describe SWAMP THING #7.
81:47 – Oh Hello! It’s WATCHMEN CHAPTER 3 and we talk penis.

Ep. 25 – Randy Macho

March 3, 2012

It’s our gala 25th episode! We forgot that while recording but it’s still a milestone we’re proud of!

There’s no New 52 books this week…what are we gonna do? Last time we were so confused we took the week off. So we thought we’d catch up with six issues Buffy Season 9 as well as featuring the return of Simon’s Batman retrospective and the next chapters of Identity Crisis, Ultimates, The Shade and course, Watchmen.

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Episode 25 Comics

Show Notes for Ep. 25 – Randy Macho
06:44 –
We take advantage of the lack of DCnU releases to catch up with BUFFY SEASON 9.
20:09 – We thought THE SHADE #5 was just wonderful. That’s 5 for 5 so far then. Simon’s opinion is rendered null and void as per his terms of employment.
24:30 – IDENTITY CRISIS #4 shows Superman and The Justice League in a more terrifying light than we’re used to.
37:24 – Rorschach has one of his finest moments in WATCHMEN CHAPTER 2.
59:02 – BATMAN #480 from June 1992 is discussed this week after a short break from Simon’s Batman retrospective.
71:33 – When discussing ULTIMATE COMICS ULTIMATES #7 we talk about how long a story Jonathan Hickman must be weaving with this – about an hour before learning he’s leaving the book soon. D’oh.