Ep. 24 – No More Death!

This week we continue delving into Identity Crisis, check out the latest batch of DCnU books, catch up with Miles in Ultimate Spider-Man and two of us continue to be blown away by Prophet.

We also drop a book we were loving not so long ago – it’s not an easy choice by any means.

Oh, plus we start reading Watchmen.

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Show Notes for Ep. 24 – No More Death!
01:40 –
 Jon clearly wants to like THE FLASH #6 but doesn’t, and this seems to confuse him.
08:13 –
IDENTITY CRISIS #3 proves something to us that Simon has been trying to tell us since our earliest episodes.
17:58 –
You would have been screwed if you read JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #6 before the following book on the show.
22:59 –
I, VAMPIRE #6 was a series of genuine Holy Shit! moments. Jon’s actually rendered speechless at one point.
32:49 –
With AQUAMAN #6 you get a comedy left-turn issue that doesn’t quite work out.
38:09 –
PROPHET #22 proves that this series is developing into one of the best comics around right now.
44:46 –
Like everyone else we’ve never read an issue of Ultimate Spidey we didn’t like. ULTIMATE COMICS: SPIDER-MAN #7 isn’t going to be the one that changes that.
53:27 –
We take the plunge and dive into WATCHMEN CHAPTER 1, learning a shocking truth about Chris’ history with the book in the process.


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