Ep. 22 – Batman’s Fridge

This week we’re all healthy again and celebrate by picking up our DCnU books and as well as checking out the excellent Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil.

Simon continues his Batman restropective, and we delve into another DC classic by checking out Identity Crisis #1.

Plus! Jonny has a bit of a mishap!

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Episode 22 Reviews

Show Notes for Ep. 22 – Batman’s Fridge
10:50 – An absolute treat for horror and comedy fans alike with the little-known film TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL. Our spoiler-free review.
17:50 – After our reviews for Kingdom Come and Marvels went down so well we decided to read another classic and pipped for IDENTITY CRISIS!
36:10 – DEATHSTROKE #6 sidetracks us into a conversation about how much it sucks that we’ve come to like this character, since his time is nearly up.
44:28 – DEMON KNIGHTS #6 makes us ponder the question: What is a horse?
53:47 – We have to wonder when reading RESURRECTION MAN #6 why the doctors at Arkham allow the inmates to keep their costumes and other various accoutrements.
60:53 – We enjoyed GREEN LANTERN #6 but we’re only interested while Sinestro remains the main character.
69:50 – Simon continues his retrospective with June 1990’s BATMAN #449.
80:20 – BATMAN AND ROBIN #6 leaves us a bit disappointed about Batman’s terrible revelation. Turns out he once beat someone up.
94:37 – SUICIDE SQUAD #6 had us laughing from the first panel. We keep saying this but if any of you aren’t reading this yet you’re only depriving yourselves!


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