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Ep. 24 – No More Death!

February 25, 2012

This week we continue delving into Identity Crisis, check out the latest batch of DCnU books, catch up with Miles in Ultimate Spider-Man and two of us continue to be blown away by Prophet.

We also drop a book we were loving not so long ago – it’s not an easy choice by any means.

Oh, plus we start reading Watchmen.

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Ep 24 Comics

Show Notes for Ep. 24 – No More Death!
01:40 –
 Jon clearly wants to like THE FLASH #6 but doesn’t, and this seems to confuse him.
08:13 –
IDENTITY CRISIS #3 proves something to us that Simon has been trying to tell us since our earliest episodes.
17:58 –
You would have been screwed if you read JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #6 before the following book on the show.
22:59 –
I, VAMPIRE #6 was a series of genuine Holy Shit! moments. Jon’s actually rendered speechless at one point.
32:49 –
With AQUAMAN #6 you get a comedy left-turn issue that doesn’t quite work out.
38:09 –
PROPHET #22 proves that this series is developing into one of the best comics around right now.
44:46 –
Like everyone else we’ve never read an issue of Ultimate Spidey we didn’t like. ULTIMATE COMICS: SPIDER-MAN #7 isn’t going to be the one that changes that.
53:27 –
We take the plunge and dive into WATCHMEN CHAPTER 1, learning a shocking truth about Chris’ history with the book in the process.


Ep. 23 – Shut Up, Stupid!

February 18, 2012

We chat about the latest batch of DC #6 comics, wonder why we’re continuing to read Doctor Who and continue our journey through Identity Crisis.

Jon also puts the guys on the spot and asks them to take up the Paul Cornell Doctor Who challenge.

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Episode 23 Reviews

Show Notes for Ep. 23 – Shut Up Stupid!
07:16 – Green Lantern Corps #6
17:47 – Dr Who #14
22:26 – Identity Crisis Part #2
32:50 – Batman #6
41:01 – Supergirl #6
49:45 – Wonder Woman #6

Ep. 22 – Batman’s Fridge

February 11, 2012

This week we’re all healthy again and celebrate by picking up our DCnU books and as well as checking out the excellent Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil.

Simon continues his Batman restropective, and we delve into another DC classic by checking out Identity Crisis #1.

Plus! Jonny has a bit of a mishap!

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Episode 22 Reviews

Show Notes for Ep. 22 – Batman’s Fridge
10:50 – An absolute treat for horror and comedy fans alike with the little-known film TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL. Our spoiler-free review.
17:50 – After our reviews for Kingdom Come and Marvels went down so well we decided to read another classic and pipped for IDENTITY CRISIS!
36:10 – DEATHSTROKE #6 sidetracks us into a conversation about how much it sucks that we’ve come to like this character, since his time is nearly up.
44:28 – DEMON KNIGHTS #6 makes us ponder the question: What is a horse?
53:47 – We have to wonder when reading RESURRECTION MAN #6 why the doctors at Arkham allow the inmates to keep their costumes and other various accoutrements.
60:53 – We enjoyed GREEN LANTERN #6 but we’re only interested while Sinestro remains the main character.
69:50 – Simon continues his retrospective with June 1990’s BATMAN #449.
80:20 – BATMAN AND ROBIN #6 leaves us a bit disappointed about Batman’s terrible revelation. Turns out he once beat someone up.
94:37 – SUICIDE SQUAD #6 had us laughing from the first panel. We keep saying this but if any of you aren’t reading this yet you’re only depriving yourselves!

Ep. 21 – Chas and Dave

February 4, 2012

This episode is hampered by chesticular sickness, and was made possible by a hot toddy.

To make a hot toddy in the traditional Thwipping Boys way:

– Squeeze the juices from two lemons. Put aside.
– Grab cafetiere (or alternative infusing method), realise as usual that you forgot to wash it after your last coffee. Wash.
– Place a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and a small handful of cloves into the cafetiere.
– Place in required amount of boiling water (get a grown up for that bit) for whatever mug you are using.
– Place 1-2 teaspoons of Manuka Honey (minimum 10+ activity rating) into the mug.
– After 5 minutes or so, pour the hot water from the cafetiere into the mug. Stir until you are certain the honey has melted.
– Add the lemon juice.
– Add 1-2 shots of whiskey, to taste.
– Stir, and sip while it’s still warm. 

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Show Notes for Ep. 21 – Chas and Dave
21:13 – One of us thought ACTION COMICS #6 was Grant Morrison finally kicking into gear.  The others were not convinced.
32:15 – Another Image #1? Yes please.  But can ALPHA GIRL #1 compare to the brilliance of Prophet #21?
37:10 – STORMWATCH #6 was a strong farewell from Paul Cornell which left us wanting more.
45:50 – BATMAN #434 featured an inept Jim Gordon, for some reason.
55:00 – We got something a little bit different with ANIMAL MAN #6.
62:50 – While Animal Man was a bit of a lighter diversion, SWAMP THING #6 threw us deep into the nasty muck headfirst.