Ep. 19 – Segue Police!

We’ve chucked in all kinds of stuff this week! We jump on JonnyJon’s all-time favourite comic Ultimate Spider-Man, grab the first issue of Joshua Fialkov’s Doctor Who arc, bring back our Underground Comics Challenge for Red Angel and check out Prophet #21, which involved us giving money to Rob Liefeld. That wasn’t easy, but do we regret it?

We check in with the DCnU titles Wonder Woman #5, Supergirl #5, Green Lantern Corps #5 and the sublime Batman #5.

Finally, Simon learns he shares a very important link with his favourite character Nightwing, and Chris pushes things a step too far…

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Show Notes for Episode 19: Segue Police!
06:24 – We take a look at ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #1-6 and shock! Horror! Jonny comes to the defence of Ultimatum.
29:49 – 
WONDER WOMAN #5 was great but we ended up digressing into the awesomeness that Chris is capable of frying up for breakfast.
38:37 – 
DR. WHO #13 turned out to be a little disappointing.
46:44 –
Have we mentioned we love Guy Gardner? As usual he’s awesome in GREEN LANTERN CORPS #5.
54:40 – 
PROPHET #21 is actually really damn cool.
64:54 –
Our Underground Comics Challenge returns with intriguing steampunk indie book RED ANGEL #1.
85:16 –
We randomly check out BATMAN #408 and Simon learns something quite sweet. Awww.
93:48 –
Jon was “floored” by how good SUPERGIRL #5 was. It’s about time he caught up!
– BATMAN #5. Well, what can we say? Devastingly good would only begin to describe it.


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  3. Chaos_Alfa Says:

    Miles is 13.

    • Thwipping Boys Says:

      Thanks for clearing that up. I expect he’ll have a longer career as spider-man than Peter Parker in the ultimate-verse. Unless Bendis feels like killing off a minor in a horrible fashion. : )

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