Ep. 16 – Ramming Speed!

This week we have been mostly resting after defeating Santa, Ricky Rat and the dread army of the North Pole over the Christmas break, but we still had time to record our thoughts on the week’s comics and a couple that we didn’t cover last week.

Plus, we lose two more books!

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Episode 16 Reviews

Show Notes for Episode 16 – Ramming Speed!
02:40 – What does Aquaman discover at the bottom of the trench in AQUAMAN #4? Indistinct pencilling and predictable plotting, that’s what!
11:11 – THE FLASH #4 doesn’t tell us anything new and doesn’t contain enough Flash for us, but when it finally does, it explodes into life.
22:50 – John Constantine turns up in I,VAMPIRE #4, and it’s every bit as awesome as you’d expect.
30:40 – Jon proves in JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #4 that he doesn’t have a clue what is going on in this book. Who the heck is Madame Xatanna?
43:30 – We dropped Justice League in our issue 3 knockout round, but Simon saved it with his veto. Does JUSTICE LEAGUE #4 redeem the series?
52:10 – RED HOOD & THE OUTLAWS #4 was Jon’s veto, maybe he should have saved Deathstroke instead.


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