Ep. 14 – The Sacrifice of Steve Guttenberg

A mercifully shorter episode this week, as we continue to look at the DCnU books, as well as the second episode of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror, while Chris tells us about an awesome-sounding dream he had involving Spider-Woman, an alien invasion and one of the biggest movie stars of the 80s.

Also – shock of shocks! We drop a book!

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Episode 14 Reviews

Show Notes for Episode 14: The Sacrifice of Steve Guttenberg
01:00 – We don’t agree whether Episode 2 of BLACK MIRROR (“15 Million Merits”) was better than Episode 1, but we do agree that you must be watching this series.
09:10 – After reading BATMAN AND ROBIN #4 we have our theories on where the awesome series is heading.
18:00 – DEMON KNIGHTS #4 has us desperate to see just how badass Sir Ystin The Shining Knight is capable of being.
27:45 – FRANKENTEIN: AGENT OF S.H.A.D.E. #4 sees the end of the Monster Planet arc where they travel to the Monster Planet and fight a big gorram bunch of Monsters.
35:15 – We learn in GREEN LANTERN #4 that Geoff Johns doesn’t have balls of steel. And the book also reiterates that as good as he can be, he’s a damned inconsistent writer.
43:50 – RESURRECTION MAN #4 sees this series pretty much developing as we’ve predicted since the first issue, but we still kinda like it.
53:30 – Quite a few comics in the DC relaunch surprised us with the #1 issues, but SUICIDE SQUAD #4 shows that this series is the only one to have kept it up ever since.
60:00 – We were so psyched up for the Superboy / Teen Titans crossover when this whole shebang started, but how do we feel about it after SUPERBOY #4?


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