Ep. 13 – Hiccups!

Episode 13 sees The Thwipping Boys noticeably tired despite their week off, while Jon is drunk and slurring his words from the get-go. OK so that doesn’t sound like a thrilling call to action but whatever. Also sorry about the weird noise that pops up throughout this, we haven’t isolated it yet. Let’s say it’s a “feature”.

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Episode 13 Reviews

Show Notes for Episode 13: Hiccups!
01:35 – We meant to simply mention Charlie Brooker’s BLACK MIRROR and tell you to watch it, but we ended up reviewing it in depth and [almost] spoiling it.
09:40 – We review THE SHADE #1 to appease one of our listeners, and are glad we did!
21:22 – ACTION COMICS #4 sees us starting to sour on this series. Grant Morrison’s name alone has kept us on this so far, so we’re hoping it pays off at some point…soon.
39:45 – ANIMAL MAN #4 is so good it’s just ridiculous.
57:57 – We dropped the book after issue 3 but a veto from Chris bought OMAC #4 back into contention. Plus! We get sidetracked by the difference between US and UK sewer systems.
67:10 – STORMWATCH #4 still sees us confused by this series, and despite the team’s continuing insistence that they’re not just superheroes we’re not quite sure what separates them from the Justice League.
84:20 – While we review SWAMP THING #4 we discover a horrifying truth – Chris is not of the opinion that anything can be improved by simply adding dinosaurs.
102:10 – We desperately need a title for this feature about whether Chris thinks we should bring back classic characters to the DCnU or leave them buried forever. This week we discuss GLORIOUS GODFREY.
116:50 – Not even the hurricane raging outside can distract us from Chris’ take of the final chapter of the wonderful MARVELS.


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3 Responses to “Ep. 13 – Hiccups!”

  1. Russell Hagan Says:

    What I’m finding disappointing about Action is the lack or originality. So far, what is so different to previous Superman origin stories? Yes, he wearing a T-shirt and doesn’t have full powers yet but Brainiac connected to Krypton’s demise= done before.
    Brainiac shrinking Metropolis=done before
    Superman’s going to become a true hero after thwarting an alien invasion=done before.
    John Corben becomes Metallo=done before
    As for Steel’s new ‘origin’, there isn’t one. Previously he was inspired by Superman after being saved by him. Now, he just decides one day to become a hero for no explaIned reason.
    yes, there are tweaks here and there but this was the case with previous re-tellings (most recently Secret Origin).
    Due to your glowing praise, I have today borrowed Marvels from the library for Christmas reading!

  2. Russell Hagan Says:

    oh, and what was with the white t-shirt??

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    […] more on Black Mirror, we discussed the first two episodes in eps 13 and 14 of our […]

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