Episode 11 finds the boys battling out in round 3 of the DC comics fight to the death, which books will survive? Results of The Flash casting couch are revealed, while Dr Strange is the man in the spotlight this time (poll with pics to be up within 24 hours). There is a surprise in store following confusion over I…Vampire, and Chris continues his look at Marvels.

Due to technical issues, our hosting is currently down, which means only the latest episode will be accessible through Soundcloud. You can direct download from the Soundcloud player, but this does unfortunately mean  that no episodes, including the latest, will be available on iTunes at the moment!

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Show Notes for Episode 11: I AM PERLMON
09:00 –
We might be way off base, but BATMAN #3 gives us the impression that Alfred might be up to something.
18:40 – Dissenting opinions abound among the Thwipping Boys when it comes to GUY GARDNER BEING A BADASS #3.
24:14 – I,VAMPIRE #3 was in the podcast plan, but since DC can’t seem to put accurate information on its website (or indeed IN the comics) we decided to randomly try MUDMAN #1 from Image Comics instead.
31:55 – We get our Casting Caps on and try to pick an actor to play the perfect DOCTOR STRANGE.
53:30 – JUSTICE LEAGUE #3 causes us to ask what the hell is going on with this book? Is Geoff Johns trying to illustrate Bipolar Disorder by way of a superhero team comic or something?
62:25 – NIGHTWING #3 wins some respect by featuring a bearded lady, but Simon senses this one is in trouble before we even start talking about it.
69:30 – The best bit of RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #3 featured neither The Outlaws nor Red Hood (not specifically), so where does that leave this book?
77:40 – SUPERGIRL #3 has glacial plot progression, but it turns out that’s fashionable, so that’s OK then.
86:55 – WONDER WOMAN #3 ruins her origin story for our friends in the Young Republican Society, but we quite like it.
96:25 – Chris is loving MARVELS #2 but asks the question we’ve all asked at one point or another, why hasn’t Alex Ross been more prolific, dammit!?


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