Ep. 10 – Beyond Thunderdome

Episode 10 of the Thwipping Boys Comics & Entertainment Podcast sees the boys continue the knockout rules in order to whittle down their pull list of DC books, while Chris looks back at another classic, and Simon makes a doozy of an error in connection to the late great Will Eisner!

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Episode 10 Reviews

Show Notes For Episode 10: Beyond Thunderdome
02:30 – BATMAN & ROBIN #3 has us thinking this might even surpass Grant Morrison’s original run and Scott Snyder’s Batman title.
13:30 – The storyline in DEATHSTROKE #3 seems to consist of little more than one decapitation after another, and somehow this is way more entertaining than it sounds.
20:40 – DEMON KNIGHTS #3 continues to gather steam, as the forces of darkness close their grip on our ragtag band of Dark Ages characters.
26:25 – With FRANKENSTEIN #3 this series is starting to grow on us, but it pales next to Animal Man. Are we going to give Jeff Lemire another chance?
34:35 – GREEN LANTERN #3 continues to give us the impression that despite what we may have previously thought, Geoff Johns has certainly not done everything he can with these characters.
44:45 – GRIFTER #3 was forged in fire, but is it good enough to survive a roasting under our new knockout rules? Simon might know his DC but he proves he doesn’t know much about Will Eisner.
51:50 – RESURRECTION MAN #3 is continuing to impress, we love The Transhuman and even quite like The Body Doubles.
59:30 – SUICIDE SQUAD #3 causes us to go on a Google Image Search for pictures of Captain Boomerang, and we are not disappointed.
71:05 – Jonny needs some convincing after SUPERBOY #3 that the title deserves a place in our pile next time.
79:45 – We “cross the street” for the first time ever on the podcast and check out Marvel’s MARVELS. Marvelous.


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