Poll: Thwipping Boys Casting Couch – Spider Jerusalem

In Episode 7 of Thwipping Boys, Chris managed to surprise no-one by selecting Transmetropolitan’s Spider Jerusalem for the Casting Couch treatment – not an easy character to cast by any means.

We have come up with what we think is a great list of suggestions to think about…though Jon mentioned Gary Busey at one point and doesn’t know where the hell that one came from.

Simon’s Spidered-up the best of the bunch that we discussed to give an idea of how our ideas might look if they ever came to pass, so vote below, and let us know! If you don’t like our choices, you can choose someone else – we’ll reveal who won the public vote in two weeks, since we’re taking a break from the feature for next week’s Halloween show!

Just for reference, here is Spider Jerusalem in all his glory!

And now our choices and the poll!


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