Ep. 07 – Us Classy Types

In Episode 7 of Thwipping Boys, the boys continue their run down of of DC’s #2’s, there is a movie review, the casting couch is in to its second week, the Underground Comics Challenge is a go with Barbarian, and Chris keeps us up to date with Kingdom Come.

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Episode 7 Reviews

Show Notes for Episode 7: Us Classy Types
1:10 –
Marvel Studios’ THOR almost causes the boys to come to blows discussing the motivations of Loki. Jonny starts off certain it makes sense, but isn’t so convinced by the end.
27:05 – The Dickhanger from BATMAN’s last issue was quickly forgotten, but it didn’t take much away from this excellent issue.
34:26 –
GREEN LANTERN CORPS continues this hugely promising run from Peter Tomasi and team in style.
43:36 – JUSTICE LEAGUE features a proper superhero punch up, causing Jonny to make an apology to Mr. Jim Lee.
54:03 – The featured character in this month’s Thwipping Boys Casting Couch is the very tough-to-cast SPIDER JERUSALEM.
73:24 – Simon’s still a fan of his poster boy NIGHTWING’s relaunch.
80:16 – We weigh in on the whole Starfire controversy when discussing RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS. Did we say controversy? Sorry, we meant total fucking non-issue.
92:30 – We check out the underground comic BARBARIAN in the Underground Comics Challenge.
107:55 – It was just a bunch of punching, but SUPERGIRL was still pretty cool.
113:54 – WONDER WOMAN is making us wonder why so many writers have had trouble getting her right in the past.
123:10 – We discuss KINGDOM COME issue 3 and Chris continues to find this a powerful emotional rollercoaster.


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