Ep. 06 – Disco Badger

Episode 6 of the Thwipping Boys comics and entertainment podcast sees Chris, Jon and Simon continue their discussion on DC’s latest #2s, while a new feature is born and Chris continues his Kingdom Come education. All this is coupled with amusing anecdotes and stupid discussions…What is Disco Badger? You’ll just have to listen and find out!

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Show Notes for Episode 6: Disco Badger
The boys are keen to find out what sort of riches are offered by the underground comics scene.
7:40 BATMAN AND ROBIN’s baticide incident leads to a bit of a tangent and a heartfelt admission from Chris.
15:11 What’s in the briefcase? DEATHSTROKE is still proving a surprisingly fun read but if we stick around for the reveal it had better be worth it.
21:14 Vandal Savage continues to be one of many highlights in the brilliant DEMON KNIGHTS.
27:05 It’s the debut of a new feature as the boys discuss The Martian Manhunter J’onn J’onzz on the THWIPPING BOYS CASTING COUCH.
39:48 Disagreements over the art in FRANKENSTEIN: AGENT OF S.H.A.D.E. aren’t enough to stop us liking this intriguing monster mashup.
47:11 Geoff Johns has tapped into a fascinating new dynamic in GREEN LANTERN but new comics reader Chris falls afoul of that whole “cover not representative of the contents” thing.
62:02 Simon does some ill-advised googling on the subject of explosives during our conversation about GRIFTER. We think it might be about a grifter, who does lots of grifting.
71:36 We’ve got a brilliant idea for a future RESURRECTION MAN arc.
85:54 SUICIDE SQUAD is gory, twisty, fun of the highest order.
98:25 SUPERBOY was reasonably enjoyable despite lots of confusion about what actually happened in the issue.
115:00 We check in with Chris and find out how he got on with the second chapter of KINGDOM COME.


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