Ep. 04 – DCU Is Dead, Long Live DCnU… Or Not?

Episode 4 of the Thwipping Boys podcast is now online, this week Jon, Simon and Chris round off their dissection of the new DC Universe with reviews of the final 13 #1’s.

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Show Notes

15:40 – ALL-STAR WESTERN kicked off with a speech about this DC relaunch, but two of the Thwipping Boys appear to need schooling in subtext.
22:15 –
AQUAMAN from Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis was a far superior first issue, and indeed comic, than the disappointing Justice League was.
30:40 –
BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT was the worst of the Batman books, only redeemed by a completely out-of-place piece of Jamaican slang.
35:45 –
The most disappointing book of the week? BLACKHAWKS could have been brilliant, but really kinda wasn’t.
41:05 –
Francis Manapul impresses with both art and writing in THE FLASH, but we’re disappointed that they didn’t take the opportunity to ditch the completely pointless ring.
42:25 –
THE FURY OF FIRESTORM: THE NUCLEAR MAN was a touching tale of a nerd and a jock falling for each other. We’re just not sure it was meant to be.
66:15 – Chris thought that the flashback in GREEN LANTERN: THE NEW GUARDIANS was a flash forward. And why wouldn’t he? In fact, this lost us all a bit.
74:30 – I,VAMPIRE wasn’t going for the Twilight crowd like we thought, but the cover was still pretty shitty.
81:45 – The Justice League looked plain daft when they turned up in JUSTICE LEAGUE: DARK. Also, Chris spots something amusing in the pile of bodies.
91:10 – We’re sure the Hawkman character could still be salvaged but THE SAVAGE HAWKMAN sure wasn’t the way to do it.
96:10 – One of the Thwipping Boys really enjoyed SUPERMAN, the others…not so much.
106:00 – Chris has been laying into THE TEEN TITANS with prejudice in every episode so far, but what did he actually make of the book?
116:15 – VOODOO was another book that was all about boobies. This time it was acceptable. But why was that exactly?


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