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Ep. 08 – Thwipping Boys Halloween Special

October 31, 2011

Welcome to a very special and spooky edition of the Thwipping Boys Comics & Entertainment Podcast. Halloween is the theme this week, and my god do the boys throw themselves right in to that. First they continue their look at DC’s new issues, followed by in depth discussions on The Walking Dead and Buffy universes, while the Underground Comics Challenge this week is a magical little book called Oddfellows Serenade.


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Show Notes for Episode 8: Halloween Special
05.00 – Has ALL STAR WESTERN shot its load too early?
09:30 – AQUAMAN left Simon feeling cheated.
16:30 – The boys discuss the first trade of THE WALKING DEAD and compare it to the first season of the TV Show.
47:45 – Continuing the horror / Kirkman theme, the boys have a quick look at new Skybound series WITCH DOCTOR.
53:30 – THE FLASH continues to impress.
61:12 – Why does IVAMPIRE have such awful covers?
67:30 – We check out ODDFELLOWS SERENADE in our Underground Comics Challenge.
82:00 – There were plenty of funny supernatural shenanigans in JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK.
89:00 – I/We didn’t love TEEN TITANS, but it’s a fun book to rip into.
104:00 – The Thwipping Boys engage in a 35-minute-plus conversation about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the geekiness goes right off the charts!


Underground Comics Challenge – Oddfellows Serenade

October 31, 2011

For the Thwipping Boys Halloween Special (coming later today) we reviewed Oddfellows Serenade, by Bob Freeman (Author, Artist and Paranormal Adventurer) and Chris Wilson.

Check out the podcast to see what we made of it, and if you think the occult detecting of Landon Connors sounds like your kind of thing then head over to Occult Detective for more info on Oddfellows Serenade and the various projects of the creators.

Thanks to Bob for sending this in and letting us do it.

Poll: Thwipping Boys Casting Couch – Spider Jerusalem

October 23, 2011

In Episode 7 of Thwipping Boys, Chris managed to surprise no-one by selecting Transmetropolitan’s Spider Jerusalem for the Casting Couch treatment – not an easy character to cast by any means.

We have come up with what we think is a great list of suggestions to think about…though Jon mentioned Gary Busey at one point and doesn’t know where the hell that one came from.

Simon’s Spidered-up the best of the bunch that we discussed to give an idea of how our ideas might look if they ever came to pass, so vote below, and let us know! If you don’t like our choices, you can choose someone else – we’ll reveal who won the public vote in two weeks, since we’re taking a break from the feature for next week’s Halloween show!

Just for reference, here is Spider Jerusalem in all his glory!

And now our choices and the poll!

Ep. 07 – Us Classy Types

October 22, 2011

In Episode 7 of Thwipping Boys, the boys continue their run down of of DC’s #2’s, there is a movie review, the casting couch is in to its second week, the Underground Comics Challenge is a go with Barbarian, and Chris keeps us up to date with Kingdom Come.

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Episode 7 Reviews

Show Notes for Episode 7: Us Classy Types
1:10 –
Marvel Studios’ THOR almost causes the boys to come to blows discussing the motivations of Loki. Jonny starts off certain it makes sense, but isn’t so convinced by the end.
27:05 – The Dickhanger from BATMAN’s last issue was quickly forgotten, but it didn’t take much away from this excellent issue.
34:26 –
GREEN LANTERN CORPS continues this hugely promising run from Peter Tomasi and team in style.
43:36 – JUSTICE LEAGUE features a proper superhero punch up, causing Jonny to make an apology to Mr. Jim Lee.
54:03 – The featured character in this month’s Thwipping Boys Casting Couch is the very tough-to-cast SPIDER JERUSALEM.
73:24 – Simon’s still a fan of his poster boy NIGHTWING’s relaunch.
80:16 – We weigh in on the whole Starfire controversy when discussing RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS. Did we say controversy? Sorry, we meant total fucking non-issue.
92:30 – We check out the underground comic BARBARIAN in the Underground Comics Challenge.
107:55 – It was just a bunch of punching, but SUPERGIRL was still pretty cool.
113:54 – WONDER WOMAN is making us wonder why so many writers have had trouble getting her right in the past.
123:10 – We discuss KINGDOM COME issue 3 and Chris continues to find this a powerful emotional rollercoaster.

Underground Comics Challenge – Barbarian

October 22, 2011

Last week we put out the call for underground comics creators to send in their stuff for us to review on the podcast.

In Episode 7 (released later today) we are going to review BARBARIAN, which was kindly sent in by Scott Amundson. If you would like to check out the comic for yourself, it’s available digitally here:

and here:

There will be some more underground comics reviews to come in the following weeks, so thanks to the folks who have already sent stuff in – if you haven’t and you would like to, check out the post and get it over to us!

We have a trailer!

October 19, 2011

Poll: Thwipping Boys Casting Couch – The Martian Manhunter, J’onn J’onzz

October 15, 2011

In Episode 6 of the Thwipping Boys podcast we discussed who we thought would be the perfect casting for J’onn J’onzz: The Martian Manhunter. We settled on Christopher Judge, known for his portrayal of the otherworldly Teal’c in Stargate SG:1.

Now we want to know who YOU think should play the powerful, soulful martian in a big budget Justice League movie. After all, the reaction to the Avengers trailer will have the folks at Warner pooing their pants by now, so you can bet they’re already putting together a massive committee of useless movie execs to overcomplicate it and ruin things, as per the Green Lantern film.

Ahem. Anyway, Simon’s made it easier for you by tarting up everyone we discussed (discounting Morgan Freeman and Keith David who we were considering for voice only) to look like everyone’s favourite Oreo-snaffler, so vote below, and let us know! If you don’t like our choices, you can choose someone else – we’ll reveal who won the public vote in next week’s show!


Ep. 06 – Disco Badger

October 15, 2011

Episode 6 of the Thwipping Boys comics and entertainment podcast sees Chris, Jon and Simon continue their discussion on DC’s latest #2s, while a new feature is born and Chris continues his Kingdom Come education. All this is coupled with amusing anecdotes and stupid discussions…What is Disco Badger? You’ll just have to listen and find out!

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Episode 6 Reviews

Show Notes for Episode 6: Disco Badger
The boys are keen to find out what sort of riches are offered by the underground comics scene.
7:40 BATMAN AND ROBIN’s baticide incident leads to a bit of a tangent and a heartfelt admission from Chris.
15:11 What’s in the briefcase? DEATHSTROKE is still proving a surprisingly fun read but if we stick around for the reveal it had better be worth it.
21:14 Vandal Savage continues to be one of many highlights in the brilliant DEMON KNIGHTS.
27:05 It’s the debut of a new feature as the boys discuss The Martian Manhunter J’onn J’onzz on the THWIPPING BOYS CASTING COUCH.
39:48 Disagreements over the art in FRANKENSTEIN: AGENT OF S.H.A.D.E. aren’t enough to stop us liking this intriguing monster mashup.
47:11 Geoff Johns has tapped into a fascinating new dynamic in GREEN LANTERN but new comics reader Chris falls afoul of that whole “cover not representative of the contents” thing.
62:02 Simon does some ill-advised googling on the subject of explosives during our conversation about GRIFTER. We think it might be about a grifter, who does lots of grifting.
71:36 We’ve got a brilliant idea for a future RESURRECTION MAN arc.
85:54 SUICIDE SQUAD is gory, twisty, fun of the highest order.
98:25 SUPERBOY was reasonably enjoyable despite lots of confusion about what actually happened in the issue.
115:00 We check in with Chris and find out how he got on with the second chapter of KINGDOM COME.

The Underground Comics Challenge!

October 15, 2011

Here at Thwipping Boys Towers we have been wondering what the underground comics scene is really like. If you’re a small-scale indie or self-published creator who wants a little bit of publicity (emphasis on the “little bit” there) then send your work in and we’ll pick some out to review on the podcast.

If you’ve been listening to our podcasts you’ll know we don’t hold back much – so bear in mind that if we don’t like it, we’ll say so.

We do realise all comics aren’t for us, so we’re not going to penalise something that is clearly aimed at a different target audience for that reason alone. We might even try and make the feedback constructive.

Up for the challenge? Send your work to with a few random details about yourself.


Ep. 05 – Attack The Kingdom

October 9, 2011

Episode 5 of the Thwipping Boys podcast is now online, this week Jon, Simon and Chris mix things up a little bit, they review their chosen DC relaunch #2’s and with all their free time, decide to review the british alien invasion comedy Attack the Block, while Chris has begun his reeducation with Kingdom Come.

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Reviews Week 5


Show Notes:
1:44 There is dissention in the Thwipping Boys ranks as the movie ATTACK THE BLOCK, by writer / debut director Dr. Scornballs, is described as both an amazing debut, and totally mediocre.
26:30 – We might love the old “BBS” Superman but we’re really warming to this guy in ACTION COMICS.
36:00 – ANIMAL MAN was horrific, moving, funny and weird. We like.
42:30 – Only one of us liked DETECTIVE COMICS last month. But Tony S. Daniel is employing the last page cliffhanger tactic and so far it’s working. The scoundrel!
49:20 – OMAC still can’t convince one of the boys of its genius (he’s a maniac). If Chris and Jon have to read Detective, Simon has to read this.
57:35 – STORMWATCH continues to confuzzulate the Thwipping Boys, but this number two contains perhaps the funniest moments of the new DCU to date.
70:00 – Scott Snyder explained complex ideas with elegance in the very impressive SWAMP THING.
79:00 – Simon sorta apologies to JT Krul after reading some of his TEEN TITANS run. Kinda. Almost.
83:00 – There have been some sleepless nights at TB HQ but don’t feel guilty or anything.
84:30 – Chris took up the challenge of reading KINGDOM COME and we check in to see how he’s getting on with that.
98:00 – Who wrote SWAMP THING? The ever-professional Thwipping Boys make a disastrous error. Yes, we are including the outtake after the credits in the Show Notes. Mentile.