Ep. 03 – Sooo Tireeeeed!

Episode 3 of the Thwipping Boys podcast is now a go, this week Jon is tired, Chris is angry and Simon vehemently defends the history of comics, all the while discussing the latest new #1’s from DC’s relaunch… Sit back, have a listen and hopefully enjoy!

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Show Notes

10.50 – BATMAN by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo was arguably the best title of the relaunch to date. Greg where have you been all our lives?
25.12 – BIRDS OF PREY causes mainstream comics newbie Chris to ask the question: Why don’t Superheroes kill?
34.48 – BLUE BEETLE went for USM-esque decompressed origin storytelling, but it couldn’t have been too gripping, since the boys seem to spend more time discussing Guyver and Transformers: The Movie.
44.23 – CAPTAIN ATOM is a little bit of a redemption for JT Krul, but Freddie Williams II was the real star of the book.
52.40 – At least two of the Thwipping Boys attempt to tear CATWOMAN a new arsehole. Unfortunately Batman might have beaten them to it.
57.50 – And then they read DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS. And then they read this other book. And then they read that book. And then…yeah this one went on a bit.
66.12 – GREEN LANTERN CORPS makes it clear that Peter Tomasi is one of the stars of the DCnU so far.
72.54 – THE LEGION OF SUPERHEROES is more palatable than LEGION LOST was. But not by very much. Colossal Boy, your Giant Growth is needed on Rimbor!
82.14 – NIGHTWING makes massive Dick fan Simon very happy. And makes Chris wish he had a billy club.
89.00 – RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS gets a thumbs up for great artwork and for its awful, completely unfunny, pathetic sense of humour. Which was hilarious.
102.30 – We’re impressed with the art and storytelling in SUPERGIRL. Chris applauds a different type of take on a female character but struggles to understand the whole cape situation and the monotard and that.
111.10 – Two books in a row with two positive female role models! WONDER WOMAN had wonderful artwork and great storytelling from Cliff Chiang while Brian Azzarello proves that in terms of script, less can definitely be more.


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