Good News/Bad News

OK, a little sad update on the news front…

Podomatic, which is the hosting service for our podcasts that we use for our direct downloads and itunes downloads has unfortunately emailed us informing us that our monthly bandwidth limit has been exceeded! Obviously in one way this is brilliant news, we never expected the listenership we have gained in such short a time, unfortunately this has left us slightly unprepared.

We were given no advanced warning for this, and unfortunately all you will hear is a short advert asking for donations. WE DO NOT WANT DONATIONS OURSELVES that is podomatic talking, but we do ask you stick with us until it is updated properly, we will keep you informed on Twitter.

If anyone has any hosting suggestions (we are going to use the WordPress for now, but it is not ideal) then please email us, comment on this post or twitter.


2 Responses to “Good News/Bad News”

  1. rogues podcast Says:

    Who hosts this website? Is there a problem with hosting the podcast on the server here and doing rss/itunes?

  2. Thwipping Boys Says:

    unfortunately at the moment we are on your bog standard free blog, which means we get a nice amount of space and bandwidth, but we cannot upload .mp3’s. We are all at varying levels of employment, and so being able to afford hosting at the point we decided to start up wasn’t an option, so we are having to (for the moment) rely on free hosting services.

    We do have an RSS/iTunes but sadly we still need a hosting platform for that content to originate from 😦

    I just found one that seemed brilliant, and free, but their uploading software is beyond rubbish, and simply doesnt work.

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