How you listen to our podcasts is changing!

Just thought I would write a little something to discuss how you can listen to our podcasts. Unfortunately us Thwipping Boys are’t the wealthiest bunch of geeks, and so we have to rely on free hosting avenues this means –

Soundcloud – Due to Soundclouds time limit for free users we will only be hosting the latest podcast on Soundcloud, this is due to the ease of adding the Soundcloud player to our blog.

Podomatic – We currently use this to host the download links as well as alternative player versions, due to limited storage space for free users we will only be able to host the latest 3 or 4 podcasts, this will be ok for this week and possibly next week, but after that older ones will be removed, so we apologise profusely to subscribers through that site.

Luckily WordPress has a lovely and sizeable storage facility, which means we will be able to host a number of forthcoming for downloads on this very site, so straight downloads will not be disappearing.

And finally, WE ARE ON ITUNES! WOOP! All episodes are there and ready to subscribe to, all you ned to do is search Thwipping Boys, comics, or… to be honest, pretty much any of DC’s main heroes and we’ll come up.

Hope this does not affect people too much, and enjoy listening!


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