Ep. 02 – Round 2! Ding!

Welcome to the second edition of the Thwipping Boys podcast in which we continue our discussions on the various DC titles relaunching this month. This week we focus on Deathstroke, Demon Knights, Batwoman, Superboy and more.

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Show Notes

3.55 – Batman & Robin: A return to form for the title, thanks to Tomasi and Gleason. Buddabuddabuddabuddabuddabuddabudda.
13.15 – Batwoman by Sir Jarvis Hunter Williams the Third and Lord Winthrop Haden Blackman has been very highly acclaimed, but only connected with 33.3% of the Thwipping Boys.
25.25 – Everyone was pleasantly surprised by Deathstroke, but the boys aren’t sure how long this can be entertaining – despite the character’s taste in baby names.
36.50 – My cods say that Paul Cornell’s Demon Knights was clearly one of the best books of the week!
53.45 – Once you see what is on the final page of Jeff Lemire’s Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. you will never un-see it.
61.55 – Jon knew that Simon was pronouncing Green Lantern artist Doug Mahnke’s name wrong but didn’t bother to correct him.
68.00 – Grifter was pretty cool but we were confused about the timeline of this issue, while Simon has a theory about who the bad guys are. Also: What the fuck is that noise?
76.15 – The worst segue ever takes us into what might possibly be the worst comic ever – Legion Lost.
83.00 – He might be the third most intelligent person on the planet but we’re guessing the writer isn’t, and we could do without the clunky, borderline racist dialogue too thanks very much. Mr. Terrific joins Green Arrow in the list of characters who were fine before the reboot, and already need a reboot again.
92.25 – Simon has a convincing theory for why Lord Evillo – sorry, Atrocitus, was naked in the flashback in Red Lanterns.
100.45 – Who else noticed that the monster involved in yet another rumble on a ‘plane during Resurrection Man was obviously an angel? At least one of the Thwipping Boys didn’t.
112.00 – Suicide Squad proved you can make a character likeable with a vocabularly of one word. Also, Simon has perhaps the most insightful reaction to Wallergate we have yet heard.
122.00 – As the drinking really starts to kick in, Chris liked Superboy but has some trouble getting his head around the concept of stupid teen versions of marquee heroes. He also asks the eternal question – are the Teen Titans…fools?


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