Ep. 18 – Hump the Bunk

It’s time for the 18th awesome episode of the Thwipping Boys podcast, discussing an especially strong showing from the DCnU. This week we have fire, death, Darwyn, destruction, betrayal most foul, and someone getting smacked with a submarine.

So grab a cuppa and relax as we review Batman and Robin #5, Deathstroke #5, Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #5, Demon Knights #5, Suicide Squad #5, Green Lantern #5, Resurrection Man #5 and The Shade #4 with that unique Thwipping Boys mixture of nonsense chat and erudite insight.

Download Ep. 18 – Hump the Bunk

Episode 18 Comics

Show notes for Episode 18: Hump the Bunk
09:58 - DEMON KNIGHTS has been a brilliant series so far, if you aren’t reading it WHY NOT?!
19:28 - Sinestrooooo! We think GREEN LANTERN is about the wrong character.
29:45 - FRANKENSTEIN is growing on us, but the art is still causing trouble.
41:21 - Darwyn Cooke was on THE SHADE! How did we not know this?
56:21 - I’m trying to summon up the enthusiasm for DEATHSTROKE but I just heard today that there’s an creative team change approaching and that make me a sad panda.
63:45 - Mitch Shelly was an utter shit?! Whowouldathunkit!?!?
71:17 - Tomasi and Gleason continue to provide us one of our favourite comics with BATMAN & ROBIN.
78:41 - The fact that The Rot is confusing us doesn’t stop SUICIDE SQUAD being its usual fucking-awesome self.

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