Thwipping Boys Episode 9 – Animal Manimal

Episode 9 of the Thwipping Boys Comics & Entertainment Podcast sees the boys lighten the load somewhat after the Horror in Pripyat with the first of the DC #3 reviews, the casting couch returns with The Flash in the hot seat, and Chris introduces a new sudden death rule on new reviews.

Keep an eye out on the blog for the Casting Couch poll, which will be added shortly!!

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Episode 9!

Show Notes For Episode 9: Animal Manimal
02:10 –
We thought ACTION COMICS #3 was a bit of a let-down, but does it give us enough to get through this knockout stage?
10:30 – ANIMAL MAN #3 shows Lemire and Foreman getting better and better. And much more horrific. Wasn’t last week’s show horrifying enough?
18:05 – We lounge back on the Thwipping Boys Casting Couch and try to work out who we would cast as THE FLASH: BARRY ALLEN.
37:30 – DETECTIVE COMICS #3 was a step up for the series, but this Batman has been on the ropes since issue 1 for some of us.
41:47 – Is OMAC #3 living up to the high opinions two of us have had of the series so far?
51:35 – STORMWATCH # 3 has various Thwipping Boys confused about the plot or the weird conceptual powers but how much did this taint a book we’ve all been enjoying so far?
56:50 – Scott Snyder seems to be playing one-upmanship with Jeff Lemire in the gross-out horror stakes, if SWAMP THING #3 is anything to go by.
62:00 – We finish our in-depth look at KINGDOM COME. It’s been a powerful journey!

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