Episode 5 – Attack The Kingdom

Episode 5 of the Thwipping Boys podcast is now online, this week Jon, Simon and Chris mix things up a little bit, they review their chosen DC relaunch #2′s and with all their free time, decide to review the british alien invasion comedy Attack the Block, while Chris has begun his reeducation with Kingdom Come.

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Episode 5!

Reviews Week 5

Show Notes:
1:44 There is dissention in the Thwipping Boys ranks as the movie ATTACK THE BLOCK, by writer / debut director Dr. Scornballs, is described as both an amazing debut, and totally mediocre.
26:30 – We might love the old “BBS” Superman but we’re really warming to this guy in ACTION COMICS.
36:00 – ANIMAL MAN was horrific, moving, funny and weird. We like.
42:30 – Only one of us liked DETECTIVE COMICS last month. But Tony S. Daniel is employing the last page cliffhanger tactic and so far it’s working. The scoundrel!
49:20 – OMAC still can’t convince one of the boys of its genius (he’s a maniac). If Chris and Jon have to read Detective, Simon has to read this.
57:35 – STORMWATCH continues to confuzzulate the Thwipping Boys, but this number two contains perhaps the funniest moments of the new DCU to date.
70:00 – Scott Snyder explained complex ideas with elegance in the very impressive SWAMP THING.
79:00 – Simon sorta apologies to JT Krul after reading some of his TEEN TITANS run. Kinda. Almost.
83:00 – There have been some sleepless nights at TB HQ but don’t feel guilty or anything.
84:30 – Chris took up the challenge of reading KINGDOM COME and we check in to see how he’s getting on with that.
98:00 – Who wrote SWAMP THING? The ever-professional Thwipping Boys make a disastrous error. Yes, we are including the outtake after the credits in the Show Notes. Mentile.

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